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November 17, 2011


The Myth of the Democrat Party’s Good Intentions

by RogueOperator

The Democrat Party has risen to power in American politics due to the notion that it is the “well-intentioned” party for generations. But any rational person can easily see that the leftists who control the party are a pack of liars willing to say anything to the party’s hopelessly gullible constituents in order to get elected.

After the elections are over, the Democrat Party is never held accountable for the damage it does to the country with its faux-compassionate policies, because it is given credit for good intentions, not good results. Furthermore, when things inevitably go awry, the party does nothing but scapegoat those who oppose it.

To begin with, most Democrat voters are unable to understand basic cause and effect, going through life kind of like lemmings, where everything seems to happen by chance. Their worldview is based on emotions rather than logic and rationality, which is the best explanation for their pack mentality. If a Democrat would jump off a cliff, he would take half the country with him.

Once rationality is defused or goes undeveloped in a potential voter, then the propaganda games the mass media play can have maximum impact.  Not understanding basic economics to the extent that they do not even know the definition of “capitalism,” they are willing to blame a vague, abstract idea for all the sources of problems in the world, rather than the constraints of reality itself. Conservatives are thus conflated as the “party of no” with the reality of “can’t.” Freedom to the lefties takes on the air that “we can do anything!” and anyone who tries to talk sense into them or to stop them is not only wrong but cruel.

So thus we can appreciate the genius of Marxist dialectics, because it is a process of political change where thesis and antithesis are intermixed in such a way that people cannot fully distinguish who is to blame for when things fall apart. And not knowing what to do, they give the government the benefit of the doubt to take charge. That is why so many people hoped the stimulus package would work; they didn’t understand that it can’t work.

For the left, the future is some indeterminate thing bearing no relation to the past and we can mold it according to our whims. This solipsistic denial of cause and effect, a historicist neverneverland where no one has to grow up or face facts, is uprooting the country from the philosophical and political truths that once grounded it.

The establishment of a central bank hasn’t stabilized the currency, only debauched it for the benefit of bankers and politicians; the war on poverty hasn’t cured poverty, but has rather become a war on the family, uprooting fathers from homes and leading to rampant juvenile delinquency and even more poverty; social security has led to national insecurity, as bleeding the treasury dry to pay for our increasing aging population will necessarily mean a future youth population overburdened with taxes; socialized medicine will lead to inferior treatment for the great majority of Americans, due to its crushing of the healthcare sector of the economy, future waitlisting, and inevitable demoralization when doctors are demoted from care-providers to extensions of the federal bureaucracy; the examples go on and on.

But none of this will ever sink in with a leftist, because he believes his views are synonymous with “progress” and thus are ineluctably intelligent, and no number of counter-factuals can convince him otherwise.  If he is so special, so ingenious, as his state-paid teachers have told him, then certainly he must be right. Those nice people in the schools and colleges would never minsinform him, and certainly they are more to believed than some stupid, right-wing teabaggers.

The sad fact is, though, that the supposed intellectual elites of the left do not think for themselves. They are part of a massive “politically correct” consensus that has been artificially contrived by the state in order to justify the expansion of state power and control.  Educated conservatives, on the other hand, know both the left’s arguments and the American founders’ arguments. And in terms of philosophical illumination, reasoned argumentation, historical substantiation, and political understanding, there is no contest. Today’s leftist intelligentsia are relative lightweights.

While those on the conservative right have a clear vision for this country, based on the insights provided by our nation’s founders, the American left just has visions. That is why we see Occupy movements, a disordered gaggle of idiots, protesting nationwide to have their “demands” met, yet with no idea of how to run their own pathetic encampments, let alone a nation. We have anarchists begging for more government freebies, anti-capitalists with no ability to explain how a viable economy would work if their ideas were to be put into practice, and so-called radicals upholding the statist quo – so much so that the corporate-backed president Barack Obama and his Democrat consorts agree with them!

The Occupy movement, a personification of the left’s incomprehensible ideology, is non-coincidentally a mess; their camps are miniature black holes of Calcutta reeking of the very Marxist ideology they have scraped off the trash-heap of history.  These filthy tent villages are poignant microcosms, portals into the future, if you will, of what the country would look like as a whole if the left got its way.

But before the Occupy movement, the Democrats already “occupied” Detroit, and Baltimore, and South Chicago, and New Orleans, and East Los Angeles…conservatives didn’t need to see the next generation of “masterminds” that today’s hapless radical intellectuals reared up, pitched in Coleman tents throughout the country. We conservatives, who outnumber the leftists at least 2-1, already have our encampments. They are the households of America spread throughout this land, as bright red in political loyalty, as the Occupiers are in ideology.

As posted on Political Crush.

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  1. Nov 18 2011

    Adults with great power but the minds of children are a danger to themselves and to all of those around them. Our Democrats in Washington are like children who refuse to admit that their bodies are sick because they don’t want to take bad tasting medicine or worse, a painful shot.. They think if they take and eat more candy they will be fine. And so it is with our Democrats. They refuse to admit the the economy is sick from too much candy. They don’t want to take their medicine or suffer any pain. Unfortunately they have had the power to vote for more candy instead.

  2. Vinny
    Nov 22 2011

    WOW…this is AWESOME! Exactly what I think..u just put it succinctly. That’s SO freakin true about the left. (And yes I used succinctly and freakin in the same

    • Nov 22 2011

      Glad you got something out of it Vinny. Welcome back anytime to give your feedback.


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