The Occuplague of 2011: Bring Out Your Dead!

An Occuplague has infected the land, its victims congregated in shoddy tent villages in the nation’s cities, filthy quarantines as immune from sanitation as from sanity. The zombified activists, delusionally calling themselves “the 99%,” have taken to wallowing in filth and feculence, manifesting the putrefied state of their decrepit politics.

And following after the disease that ravages their propaganda-basted minds, the pale horse of pestilence has finally arrived upon the encampments.

Tuberculosis, the 19th century illness of ‘consumption’ reflecting the occupants’ 19th century ideology of Marxism, has already appeared in the barbarous shanty towns.

A scourge known only as ‘Zucotti Lung‘ has broken out at one of the sleaziest metropolitan bases.

Brewing in the deteriorating Obamavilles are scatological illnesses borne by food and fecal matter: their names are Salmonella, E. Coli, and Campylobacter, the latter an exceptional synonym for the bivouac inhabitants themselves.

Soon the infested will be vomiting up the gastrointestinal equivalent of their regurgitated sloganeering, empty phrases both toxic and devoid of edification. Their imagined palliative of Obamacare will smooth their transition from metaphysical to actual death; eventually their chants for more extreme socialized medicine will transform to cries of “Bring out your dead!

The mobus vulgus are an excrescence of the left-wing cancer at the heart of the body politic, which itself has metastasized to, and indeed, has taken over the Democrat Party. Whether or not the inoculation of Constitutional conservatism can be dispensed to enough of the voting public before the radical disease becomes fatal is unclear.

Radical diseases demand radical treatment. No moderate approach will be able to save the patient. Our politics have already reached a fevered-pitch, and many citizens are delusional with visions of utopian grandeur, making implicitly violent demands of the conservative majority to fulfill their every schizoid fantasy.

America has become the sick man of the world. But before the Republican Party can administer proper medicine and order a diet of fiscal restraint, the doctors must first heal themselves. A little syrup of Ipecac administered at the party primaries might just do the trick.


7 thoughts on “The Occuplague of 2011: Bring Out Your Dead!

    1. Agreed. An award for this masterpiece should be forthcoming. Bloody brilliant!

      I’d like to thank BingBing for linking to this site. A wonderful read and well worth my time. My mind was doing somersaults reading this. Excellent. A+

  1. All your posts are very good reading. Really enjoy them! Where did you get that video!? Good stuff. May I ask you for some information? I see you have been keeping count on OWS vs Tea Party arrests. The Tea Party I belong to here in SWFL is in an effort ‘against’ our local city council to remove protesters from our local Centennial Park in Ft Myers. At a meeting on 11/11/11 this liberal council suggested the movement was “extraordinary” and should be granted their permit extension to stay despite two members of the council saying their wives and children who frequented the park can no longer go there. !? So, I would like to use the arrest count as part of our rebuttal to the council and want to be able to confirm the validity of the count. I trust that you have it correct, but if I had a source to tie it to it would be helpful.? If your able to divulge that source I would be grateful. Thank you for all your research as it helps us on the ground to fight! ………………………………………………………………………. FYI – Occupy Ft Myers is in a law suit with the city due to the arrests of a few protesters. At this council meeting Friday ‘occupy’ was demanding to the city that they rewrite the 1st amendment law among other things like waiving their citations. What these ignorant idiots fail to realize is the 1st amendment gives you the right to ‘assemble peacefully’. They were arrested for civil unrest. My Tea Party – Lee County Patriots – held an event in Centennial Pk in 2010 and had to pay $3000.00 in permit fees among other fees and paper work to hold the event for one afternoon. Occupy gets a permit for 10 days to occupy the park day & night and part of this council’s role is to decide on whether or not to renew this permit. The original permit was a gift to the movement. No favoritism going on though!!

    1. Sure, Dawn! Actually, this is pretty easy. For running updates, documentation, and confirmation of the latest arrest counts, just go to Twitter and @OccupyArrests.

      Good luck fighting the social parasites!

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