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November 12, 2011


Putin’s Sexy Ad Campaign: Let’s F*** Russia Together

by RogueOperator

President Putin is seeking to yebat’ Russian voters once again at the ballot box by being elected to what had been thought to be an unconstitutional third term. In Russia, of course, the Constitution means whatever the Kremlin wants it to mean. Putin, a former KGB colonel, is extremely popular due to the unblinking support of pensioners and his stranglehold on major media outlets.

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  1. Sean of Deer Park
    Nov 12 2011

    Mate! I don’t know what that ad all meant really, but Phwaar! (I don’t read Russian, nor am I aware of the context here) That was a hot advertisement, though. Loved the music. Very sexy, indeed. 😆

    F**king Russia never seemed like so much fun! Count me in!

    • Nov 12 2011

      I read Russian. It literally means, “Let’s do it together.”

  2. Nov 13 2011

    It’s just perfect. Complete with the god-awful techno and all.

  3. Nov 13 2011

    If I hear any of the typical “I don’t pay attention to elections b/c all they do is sell you an image” type crap from my neighbors in the next year, I am going to show them this video.


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