AWOL Civilization: American Conservatives, We Are At War

AWOL Civilization has been providing some real intellectual firepower to the right-wing (more accurately, anti left-wing) blogosphere, and we would all do well to grab a cup of coffee, sit down, and think along with him what it really means to be at war with the left. (Don’t get me wrong, the article is “concise” and to “hard-hitting,” as another reader put it.)

AWOL Civilization provides some excellent references and thoughts on how to strategize much more deeply than many of us have been. The following is an excerpt:

Think back to the election of Obama. Here we have the opposite case: a complete mastery of the strategic configuration of power. Obama did not launch the fundamental transformation of America; rather, America already was transformed, resulting in the desecration of the Oval Office that occurred in January, 2009. All the pieces were in place; the opposition had been neutralized before the first “shot” of the election had been fired. Sun-tzu may not have been pleased by the event, but he certainly would agree that the collectivists were following his advice to the letter.

Before the battle began, the outcome was decided. The script had been written; everyone played their part. Democrats confidently sallied forth, going for the jugular, employing every means at their disposal to win the battle. Republicans hesitated, vacillated, and equivocated.

As Sun-tzu explains,

Those that the ancients referred to as excelling at warfare conquered those who were easy to conquer. Thus the victories of those that excelled in warfare were … free from errors. One who is free from errors directs his measures toward [certain] victory, conquering those who are already defeated. [emphasis mine]

And further on,

The victorious army first realizes the conditions for victory, and then seeks to engage in battle. The vanquished army fights first, and then seeks victory.

Try spending a few hours watching the BBC or reading back issues of Newsweek. Block out your instinctive revulsion and put on your analysis hat. The people producing this material are very smart. Sit at the dust of their feet and learn how warfare is conducted. See how an entire civilization was brought to its knees without the use of a single gun.

How will we know that the art of war has been mastered by our own forces, by the anti-collectivist camp? I can think of at least one indication. We will know it when every day, every single day, we hear a Republican member of Congress, and a former cabinet official, and a presidential candidate, and a governor, declare without equivocation that the goal of the Obama regime, and of the Democratic Party, is to destroy America as we know it.

When that day comes, the compulsion to speak in this manner will be as strong (and natural) as the current impetus to surrender.

We must fight back against political correctness, and its guiding set of rules, Critical Theory. For one example on theorizing, see The Occupy Crowd’s Vague Goals and Marxist Critical Theory, and for how to counterattack it, see Shattering the Left: A Radical Critique of Critical Theory.


6 thoughts on “AWOL Civilization: American Conservatives, We Are At War

  1. But what if there are forces within the Repulican party itself that are seeking to advance the same goals? Republicanism should hardly be held as analogous to Conservatism, yet this is the case for how many voters. How many Republican voters blindly vote along party lines, even as core conservative ideology is violated? The most effective aspect of critical theory is it can destroy half of the population’s pride in their own society and entrench the other half, effectively polarizing a people and strangling their ability to even breathe. As I always say, any good effort at social control has a solution for both sides of the argument.

    1. Dan, you’re never going to catch me conflating conservatism and the Republican Party on this website. But it’s good a lot of conservatives are on the same page. That’s part of the reason for the tea party’s appearance.

  2. Well, right on brother. I wonder what your thoughts are regarding central banking and the manipulation of the money supply. This seems to be the most glaring contradiction between Repubs and true conservatives.

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