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November 11, 2011


Afterburner’s Bill Whittle: Three and a Half Days in the Wilderness Would Cure Occupiers of Their Socialist Delusions

by RogueOperator
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  1. arva
    Nov 11 2011

    Not just the occupiers, all of us. I believe I appreciate “things” on an intellectual level but the truth is, compared to my forefathers, my existence requires little of me in the way of hard work, sacrifice and ingenuity. I think this 3 day in the wilderness idea is brilliant. We got a taste of it when our power was out for 7 days after the hurricane but even then we had a generator and plenty of food. Americans need to test themselves. All big ideas and innovations come from adversity. We’re robbing ourselves and our children of one of life’s greatest gifts, STRUGGLE.

    • Tim Nichols
      Nov 13 2011

      There was a “King of the Hill” episode where Bobby had to eat what he caught and luckily for him a bunch of hippies moved into the park and he was able to eat. Unfortunately, after a while the hippies wanted to share his stuff and that didn’t go so well. He “shared his dads stuff and it didn’t come back.

      Idealism is great, but human beings in large groups don’t work that way. When one doesn’t want to contribute the way the community feels they should, he is abandoned or attacked.

  2. Nov 17 2011

    In lieu of three days in the wilderness they can spend a few months flipping burgers. It used to be a rite of passage in this country, but now high school kids are taking tennis, ballet, guitar, photography and college prep — all of them — to keep themselves busy. No wonder they don’t know what to do once they graduate.

  3. TMS
    Nov 29 2011

    In case Mr. Whittle didn’t notice, we don’t live in the wilderness. We live in civilization.


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