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November 10, 2011


Pulitzer Prize Exposed: Award-Winning Left-Wing Journalist at Star Ledger Reveals Political Bias to Undercover Reporter

by RogueOperator

The Pulitzer Prize, awarded by the notoriously left-wing Columbia University, is an imprimatur of respectability and credibility that connotes the highest standard for hard-hitting and informative journalism. But is it simply an emblem donned by left-wing activists to construct a false air of objectivity?

James O’Keefe’s revelatory video is particularly significant to me since I was recently harassed by a Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist after relating a silenced story about Japanese satellite data that may contradict the mainstream media narrative on manmade global warming. Certainly, the heated exchange opened my eyes about what today’s so-called “journalists” are involved in: left-wing activism, cyber-bullying, ridicule, and name-calling. Meanwhile, they claim to have all the facts and anyone who isn’t a leftist is simply ignorant or misinformed.

In the big picture, the ongoing Herman Cain saga is an outstanding litmus test for how the old guard media are reacting to what they perceive as a real conservative threat. Fortunately for Americans, many people simply aren’t biting, as they distrust the media even more than they distrust most politicians.

Project Veritas is to be commended for exposing “journalists” as primarily agenda-driven individuals, just like the rest of us. And it seems some conservatives, like Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain, are starting to act like it. They are firing back at a bunch of left-wing cowards who are used to hiding behind fake shields of impartiality.

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