Occupy Chicago Activists Attend Communist Manifesto Reading

Why aren’t more conservatives discrediting Karl Marx or other left-wing philosophers? We need to go to the core of the enemy’s philosophy (whether they know it is or not), expose it, systematically tear it apart, and leave it in tatters at their feet.


2 thoughts on “Occupy Chicago Activists Attend Communist Manifesto Reading

  1. Her argument is pathetic; and her error is hidden quite well at the surface of your premise. I thought the guy in the grey sweat shirt was interesting, “you’re wrong, you’re wrong, and here’s why…” He was shouted down, and it looks like they were able to have a debate, but I think it (the environment) was just a pretense to make it look like a debate was possible. Sure there was a stage and people were speaking, but there is an entire system in metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics that is necessary to even have an intelligent conversation about the principles of capitalism and why they’re right. He would have to bring in an entire context that the sheeple have no awareness of and would challenge every inch of rational thought that would be demanded of them.

    It’s easy to point out the inconsistencies of a false system like socialism; when you adopt, however, a flawed ethical system that allows the sacrifice of a few for the sake of all, a flawed epistemological system that rationalizes away contradictions, and a flawed metaphysical system that changes to suit any circumstance, then socialism necessarily stands on its own detached from any pesky facts of reality that may or may not contradict it. Socialism is taken as a self-evidently true idea only needing to be rationalized (as opposed to starting with facts and fitting rational ideas to support those facts).

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