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November 7, 2011


Occupy and Tea Party Clash in D.C.

by RogueOperator

The Daily Caller is giving us a vivid preview of the upcoming battle for the American republic. The most damning images from the timely video are a man in an SUV with a two year old simply trying to get home, a woman with her children screaming at the occupiers, and an old lady injured by the left-wing activists.

The video is obviously not for children, since the OccupyDC gang is involved.

The “right-wing” blogosphere is going to be extremely busy documenting all the Occupy movement’s infractions, arrests, assaults, curses, and lawlessness for use in the impending elections. Since the Democrats, and particularly, current President Barack Obama, has thrown in lot with whom the Romans referred to as the mobile vulgus, or “the mob,” then the conservative opposition can capitalize on the steady stream of ugly images to paint the Democrat incumbents in a very nasty light.

When combined with the seedy corruption, reckless spending, arrogant defiance of the public’s policy desires, and media complicity in propping up the big government establishment, the visions of unruly protesters clamoring for ever more will provide an unsavory tableau for the abject decadence that Washington has embodied.

But the tea party should not take such images as a rallying cry for violence against the misled youth, who are being used by the establishment to justify more government, more welfare statism, more economic control, and more political power. The conservative right should take a page out of Lenin, and let slack the rope by which the occupy protesters will hang their movement.

The Occupy Wall Street gang can “own the streets” all they want; the tea party can quietly sit back, lead the left into a false sense of security, and then own them on election day. Or to put it another way, the leftists can “occupy everything,” and on November 6th 2012, the center-right majority will occupy the ballot boxes.

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  1. I agree that we should not go out and actively seek a fight with OWS. But it would be unwise for Americans to sit idly back while the left attacks our old people. It is imperative for discreetly armed Americans to make a presence at these protests as a barrier between other Americans and the ‘progressives’. If they choose violence, we will choose self defense. But it will be wholly their choice, not ours.

    • Nov 7 2011

      Absolutely, Craig. The right to self-defense is absolute. We’re not going to be martyrs for anyone, and we’re not going to let elderly, women, and children become victims of violence.

  2. The right of self defense is a given; but we must not let them provokes us into violence. that would be playing into their hand. We will taste our revenge on election day and for many days there after.


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