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October 31, 2011


The Federal Government is Breaking the United States

by RogueOperator

The United States is fracturing under the strain of federal government. Fundamentally transforming a country based on individual liberty to one of micro-managed state control is leading to rampant social discontent, massive economic costs, and political fury.

A nation of three hundred million is being increasingly controlled by less than 600 people in a concentrated district in the center of the East coast. At least 20,000 municipalities, 3,000 counties, and 50 state governments are being forced to bend to the political will to a handful of statists in Washington D.C.

Americans are criminals according to the U.S. government, whether they know it or not. There are at least 4500 federal laws according to the Department of Justice. The number of codes, regulations, and statutes are beyond count, numbering well into the tens of thousands. The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world, numbering almost 1 in 100 citizens at any given time. This is more than Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea. In addition, nearly 5,000,000 Americans are on probation or on parole.

Americans are yoked under by overly complicated and burdensome taxation. The United States also has one of the most complex tax codes in the world.  The I.R.S. code is over 5.5 million words long, which is nearly seven times the size of the Bible. There are corporate taxes, capital gains taxes, federal income taxes, state income taxes, payroll taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, “sin” taxes, and dozens of hidden taxes. No wonder Republicans are excited about the flat tax. Best of luck getting it through Congress.

American businesses are constrained by gargantuan compliance costs. There were over 120,000,000 Americans working at over 20,000,000 small businesses at the time of Obama’s election, according to the Census Bureau. Now imagine the immense costs of tax and regulatory compliance for all these persons and businesses. The U.S. Small Business Administration puts the financial costs of regulatory compliance at 1.7 trillion dollars. This equates to about $15,586 per household.

Citizens are drowning in debt. It is becoming nearly impossible for many people to be self-reliant citizens. Total household debt is well over $11 trillion. That includes nearly a trillion in credit card debt, over a trillion in student loan debt, and several trillions in mortgage debt. A main cause of a lot of Americans’ debt comes from the mortgage meltdown, which resulted in both underwater mortgages and skyrocketing unemployment. This is a volatile mix.

The United States is racking up unsustainable debt.  The National Debt is fast approaching $15 trillion. Several sources put future obligations at over $100 trillion. It is becoming increasingly clear if and how the country could ever pay such a sum off, and what the international political implications of financing adversaries like China will be.

States are unable to keep up with the costs of government. U.S. states are becoming increasingly indebted. States are relying on federal grants to hold their budgets together, including red states. Medicaid spending makes up a huge part of the states’ burden, which is a form of cost compliance with the federal program. Obamacare is going to make things even worse for states.

Red states are not going to put up with this state of affairs ad infinitum. Twenty-seven states bringing suit against Obamacare is a sign of spreading discontent. If the Supreme Court upholds the clearly unconstitutional law, then there is no telling what hell will break loose. The states filing suit against Obamacare is just a taste of coming state rebellion.

When it becomes easier for citizens to disband the ties that hold them together as a nation than to continue to support a union whose benefits are becoming increasingly doubtful, then the potential for secession is in the air. Storm clouds are gathering on the horizon, and if Washington D.C. thinks it can continue the status quo of tyranny without adverse consequences forever, it will suffer the historical fate for such hubris – wide-scale revolt.

As posted on Political Crush.

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  1. Oct 31 2011

    Revolt is what they want, the Left that is, because that then givens them the excuse to come down upon us with everything they got. Even all of their little Leftist friends around the world will jump in, send troops over to help crush the rebellion.

    As power grabs go this is rather textbook….

    • Oct 31 2011

      I'[m not advocating revolt. But I think states will be likely to secede if the federal government thinks it can bully them forever. Secession is a kind of states’ revolt. But if people think they can get the federal government to change by rioting in the streets, they are wrong. Good point.


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