The Myth of the Plantation Negro Republican

As is typical of left-wingers, their slurs of the political opposition are projections of their own hatred and bigotry, and often the converse of the truth. When an MSNBC commentator attacks GOP frontrunner and tea party favorite Herman Cain (have to love that narrative buster) as a ‘black man who knows his place,’  the left betrays the fact this it is threatened by a disruption of the status quo and the Democrat big government poverty pimps who keep blacks down and dependent.

If blacks were liberated by the Great Society programs of Democrat Lyndon Johnson, then how could Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Allen West, Condalleezza Rice, or all other conservative black Republicans, ‘know their place’ by being in the Republican Party? The fact is that the blacks who ‘know their place’ are in the 95% of voting black Democrats; the ones who can’t quite figure out why supporting the Democrats isn’t curing abject poverty, rampant drug usage, gang warfare, essentially fatherless children, and other maladies that afflict so many black communities.

What has supporting the Democrats for decades gotten blacks? Generations of the same unacceptable status quo.

When Herman Cain, Allen West, and other brave black conservatives lead the charge to get blacks off the federal plantation, calling for them to shake off the shackles of blind internal racism, victimology, and government dependency, they are a grave threat to the system, and more specifically, the Democrat Party.

Blacks have been “brainwashed,” as Herman Cain put it, into believing the only way they will get anywhere is if the Democrat Party elevates them up. When they realize that they can elevate themselves up, as other Americans of all races and nationalities have, by first and foremost freeing their minds, then the Democrat Party is finished as a dominant force in American politics.

If we conservatives could convince half the black community, which is socially conservative, to become voting Republicans, it would do as much to damage the Democrat Party as it would to shore up and fortify the Republican Party. We conservatives need the black community to support our cause.

The death knell of slavery to big government will come when blacks realize that the Democrat Party is not their friend, and in fact, never was. All myths and lies about Nixon’s “southern strategy” aside, the Republicans have been the liberators of blacks throughout the party’s history, including in the Civil Rights era.  When blacks get off the federal plantation, they will be free to make up their own mind. When African-Americans see themselves as individuals – no, as Americans – then they will be truly free to live their own lives, to succeed or fail on their own merits.

As published on Political Crush.


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