Unintentionally Hilarious Video “We are the 99!”

Oh, the irony of these people complaining about “ignorance.” If they had a clue about how the real world worked, they’d be dangerous.


2 thoughts on “Unintentionally Hilarious Video “We are the 99!”

  1. Looks like another rich kid, college-educated, spoiled brat to me. Who paid for his guitar, shirt, necklace, glasses, rent on the apartment he’s inhabiting and the video camera and computer he used to upload that catchy tune? How many hundreds of dollars were spent to teach him those jammin’ chords he banged out? Three jobs he says he holds? References, please. A typical unauthentic display of liberal angst. Hilarious but equally depressing. I feel so sorry for my daughters who have to some day choose a mate from the cesspool of weenies puddling the streets of America today.

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