The Central Commitee: Super-Democrats Want More Super-Stimulus

The “Supercommitee” (New and Improved!) is floating the idea of even more “stimulus” to rescue the dead economy.

The Supercommittee Democrats or “Super-Democrats” want more stimulus, more taxes, and well, more of everything, in exchange for an empty promise to whittle down the national debt over a decade. The probably unconstitutional body is supposed to cut at least $1.2 trillion over 10 years from yearly deficits, but needs to do a stage production first about whether to cut entitlements or raise taxes before shoving a new bill up taxpayers’ posteriors.

Is anyone in the Republican Party really surprised by all this? When we are all yelling at Speaker Bonehead through our television screens not to make a ready compromise on the debt ceiling, we all were aware that the Democrats would use the Supercommittee as a means to raise taxes without really cutting spending. We all knew that the Kryptonite for Super-Democrats was steely opposition.  But no, we had to “compromise” with the crazy left, and come up with some half-cocked body.

And now the Republican-empowered Democrats want more spending to go with more taxes. Lovely.

What did the first “stimulus” do except blow a fortune on Democrat pet causes, not including “shovel-ready jobs”? Did it keep unemployment below 8%, as promised? Nope.

Were any shovel-ready jobs created, as stupid and wasteful as those are? Don’t make President Obama laugh.

If our Republicans were any dumber/complicit with Democrat plans to shaft over this country, they would be Democrats themselves. Maybe that’s what the Supercommittee is in reality, a Sovietesque organ; a Politbureau of the United Party of Socialists (sorry, UPS) having an internal squabble about how best to divvy up the property and labor of its subjects.

Wake me up when these Superdouchebags are out of office. I’ll be in my Fortress of Solitude preparing for the dissolution of human civilization.

As posted on Political Crush.


One thought on “The Central Commitee: Super-Democrats Want More Super-Stimulus

  1. This is how insanely stupid Republicans are. If the “supercommitee” can’t agree on cuts the Republicans will be blamed for the Medicare cuts plus the democrats will get there prayers granted by cutting defense. When it comes to getting a message out the Dems have the MSM they’ll have a hay day bashing the Republicans for Medicare cuts, without a mention of defense cuts, its a win win for the Dems the “supercommitee” was a supper stupid idea.

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