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October 27, 2011


NYU Professors Nailed By O’Keefe: We Elites Are The 1%

by RogueOperator


James O’Keefe, recently mentioned on this website in the course of reporting on ACORN activists participating in the Occupy Wall Street protests, has come out with new undercover video of NYU professors brazenly bragging about mass media manipulation in favor of the Democrats.

Big Education is one of the real menaces in our supposed “democracy,” indoctrinating students to support big government Democrats, as the video shows. Academics are hiding behind free speech and tenure on college campuses to serve as political agents of the Democrat Party, while pushing socialistic ideals.

There has to be more accountability. Relying on the market is not enough, because the government has ceased making college education a market with grants and loan subsidies.

When is it going to stop?

More such undercover video can be found at Project Veritas. H/T AceofSpades.

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