Polling of the 99% Confirms: Occupy Wall Street Will Not Save Obama

The Daily Kos has a simultaneously desperate and hilarious post comparing public (i.e. within-asylum) support for the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) “movement” versus the tea party.

For some reason, the left-wing rag can’t find more people around the water cooler who support the “astroturfed” tea party (helluva show last November boys!) than the completely authentic, genuine, non-contrived, un-orchestrated Occupy Wall Street movement comprised of actual Americans representing the 99% of lower class folks dining out on fine deli, staffed with high tech equipment, and in no way associated with fancy Canadian PR firms, communist legal bodies, Obama re-election arms like Moveon.org, or Soros-funded groups like the Tides Foundation or the Open Society Institute.

Too bad for them that Realityville has its own polling, and it shows that most people still identify with the tea party over the occupiers, despite the disinformation campaign pluming up a blue smokescreen over the very red gathering. Twenty-six percent are still undecided despite weeks of media pom-poming for the miscreants, a decided down-twinkles for the motley lot.

Which makes the occupiers exceptionally ironic characters is that they not only will support a president who threw trillions away on banks and corporations, but one who has just hired a big-time Wall Street lobbyist as a campaign advisor. We are the 99% who will vote for Obama anyway?

The unusually ratty window dressing for the Obama campaign’s re-election bid just doesn’t wash. When we look at President Obama’s “strongly approve” rating at Rasmussen, we find another all-time low of below 20%, and a gap with the strongly disapprove of -22%. It’s the same loony one-fifth column that would follow a Democrat into the sulfurous pit of hell if he promised a new entitlement program. You know, the Daily Kooks crowd.

Once again, I’ll make the point that we conservatives’ best asset is the left’s self-delusion. If the lefties actually believe that the tea party is astro-turfed and they want to exaggerate their own actual strength, by all means, let them. Next year’s elections will become that much more a demoralizing shock to them. The majority of Americans are not leftists. And thanks in part to the utterly corrupt and disastrous Obama regime, most Americans in the future won’t be.

As posted on Political Crush.


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