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October 25, 2011

Collectivism in Action: American Government Wants to Test Anthrax Vaccines on Children

by RogueOperator

The U.S. government is floating the idea of testing anthrax vaccines on children, a proposal that is making all sorts of red flags go off. It isn’t just because I dislike vaccines, some of them are helpful (polio, mumps, measles, and rubella), and others are over-hyped (various flu vaccines).  Of course, no doctor would agree with this assessment; to spin off of Dr. Will Rogers, most doctors have never seen a vaccine they didn’t like. My raised eyebrow has to do with the fact that The Feds are specifically requesting to target children for anthrax vaccine testing. To be honest, that just creeps me out.

Why? Because animal testing and other kinds of tests should give you a ballpark idea of what an appropriate dosage of vaccine would be for a child at a given weight. But this is apparently not good enough for organizations like FEMA, which is itself metastasizing in government influence due to the implied argument the country has to remain at a heightened level of alert for the rest of its existence. The real crisis in this country is that the government is using crisis to justify all manner of programs and policies that wouldn’t fly in “normal” times.

No, it is obvious to me that this is a political maneuver, trying to coax parents into ceding more trust and authority over their children to the government. The proposed vaccine testing is not an isolated example. (Remember swine flu, anyone?) Everything from daycare regulations to sex education is being highly regulated by the states and the federal government.  Mandatory vaccinations are the norm in several states, and in some cases, religious exemptions are even challenged by the states.

Rick Perry even got into trouble with Texas residents for forcing Gardasil onto young girls, with the presumption that they were sexually active and unable to control themselves. This kind of paternalistic attitude, which tramples on the rights of real parents, is becoming a nuisance. One could even take the analogy a step further and pose that statists view the country as a collective Animal Farm, where presumed citizens are tagged, tested, prodded, stamped, and vaccinated. That’s not the role of the state. It’s to protect us from invasion, maintain law and order between citizens, and stay out of the way.

The question is begged, why is the government preparing to vaccinate the entire youth of America for a hypothetical anthrax attack, a statistically improbable anomaly? Wouldn’t the side effects of the vaccine likely cause more damage to young people than an anthrax attack would probably inflict?

We Americans have got to stop ceding more authority over our lives and those of our children to the government to “protect” us from every conceivable tragic scenario. Terrorism doesn’t warrant the deprivation of civil liberties we Americans are experiencing. The Transportation Security Administration is even performing random roadside checks in the state of Tennessee. This is unimaginable in a free society.

When will it stop? Aren’t people supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty? Shouldn’t they be presumed responsible until proven otherwise? Shouldn’t we allow parents to make decisions for their children, whom they value far more than any Democrat politician or far-off bureaucrat does, until a clearly abusive parent is proven incapable of doing so?

When President Obama appointed the sicko John Holdren to be his Science Czar, I knew we would be in for a bumpy ride on the science front. Holdren, after all, was a man proven to have supported forced abortions and mass sterilization of human beings through the water supply and other warped “population control” measures. The Democrats’ anti-humanistic, anti-life policies are finally catching up with them and one gets the sense they are about to jump the shark into flat out eugenics.

The Democrats increasingly unsettling proposals are inevitable consequence of their collectivist ideology, which advocates the altruistic ethic of self-sacrifice and doesn’t value individual human beings, only “humanity.”

Those who work in the United States government, and especially the Democrats, are starting to fancy themselves doctors, nurses, daycare providers, food providers, home energy advisers, teachers, professors, and more for over 300 million people they don’t even know. We don’t need the government to force us to do things we would rationally do for ourselves. They want to take choice out of our hands and force us to do things for our own good. It is a classic totalitarian mindset, and needs to be stopped.

As posted on Political Crush.

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