Does America Really Need to be Handicapped? Why Eco-lunatics Should Be Committed

Americans are being put in strait jackets by lunatics who are running the asylum. They are causing our country to relatively decline and our enemies to relatively incline. It is inexplicable why the ecotard left is out building such a wheelchair ramp for our nation’s adversaries to roll into our country, extract our wealth, sell us the petroleum that Americans won’t produce, and handicap the energy sector so that we are no longer a globally dominant power.

There’s nothing noble about eroding a people’s self-sufficiency, either on a personal or national scale. What it means in practice is that if someone or some country doesn’t like something, he, she or it is powerless to change it. And powerless is what America will be if it relies on windmills and waterwheels to energize its advanced economy.

Thus when word breaks that America leads the world in the volume of its energy reserves, the truly stupid and self-defeating nature of the eco-left is thrown into even greater compact fluorescent light. Unlike people who have a reason not to see the error of their ways, like those unfortunately born with a mental disability or who have incurred brain damage, the irredeemable “dane bramage” of environmentalists, to steal a phrase from Bill Cosby, is so glaring that we may need to commit the green movement to get them out of our way.

When I call for the eco-left to be “committed,” I don’t mean they they should become zealous crusaders who will stop at nothing until they get their way. They already are that and more. I mean that they should be institutionalized and deprogrammed of their sick, self-destructive delusions and reoriented towards economic reality and feeling for their fellow man. Human beings come before inanimate objects like “the planet” or imaginary deities like Mother Gaia. This is so self-evident it hardly requires further comment.

There is no impending apocalypse because we burn fossil fuels. How many decades the charade is going to go on before the greeniacs get the hint they’re being played for fools is a Scooby Doo worthy mystery. Environmentalists should take the “mental” out of their movement and rediscover what it means to be sane. Stop believing in Chicken Little fairy tales. And stop handicapping the country before you enviromorons cause a real catastrophe.

As posted on Political Crush.


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