America Becoming the Guy on the Couch

If you’re not a pot-smoking, frizzy-haired, pink bunny slipper-wearing college dropout living in your momma’s basement, you might think this article isn’t directed at you. But before you think you’re off scot-free because you’ve got one of those three letter words – J-O-B-S – think again. You could be as much of a problem as the welfare queens and parent parasites. America is getting a little too comfy in that cushiony chair, whether shuffling papers around a gubmint office or munching Doritos to the latest adorable kittens video on Youtube. Pretty much the same thing.

One side effect of overeducated dunderheads seizing ever larger slices of the economy, just like the 23 year old swiping the last of his mom’s punkin pie from the fridge before rushing downstairs to rejoin a Call of Duty 4 marathon, is that it increasingly starts to resemble the biases of those running it. When we have a bunch of bumbling elites who got a free ride to an ivy league-accredited socialist think tank, maxed out their credits cards while their parents footed the bill, and then went on to easy-squeezy jobs with six figure guaranteed-for-life salaries it’s no wonder our economy is in shambles.

The country is being driven into the ground by trust fund babies who only know other trust fund babies. The urban-insulated yippies see hard-working Americans like 19th century British explorers used to view indogenous tribes in the darkest reaches of Africa: Like a social anthropologist whose detached scribblings feed his sense of moral and intellectual superiority, in turn leading the government to adopt increasingly paternalistic policies. So the welfare state apparatchik sits in his pleather seat all day and processes  the requisite paperwork for the faceless, needy hoi polloi, before he pats himself on the back for all the people he saved and then goes home to his two story house, big screen TV, and four children. All of whose wants and needs are being met by actual producers.

Slowly, America is turning into a country of the lazy, by the lazy, and for the lazy. There are hard-working people still out there, but as they are being asked to pick up more and more of the burden for those who do not physically and tangibly support themselves. As the welfare behemoth grows, they too will seek to join their fellow citizens, either in a  government office or at home on the couch. And the more we cram into the former, the more we will eventually have  in the latter.

As posted on Political Crush.


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