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October 22, 2011


The Enviroleft’s Static Worldview

by RogueOperator

In terms of the general instincts of humanity in Western civilization, it might be said that people fall into two groups: those whose worldview can best be described as static, and those whose mindset is oriented towards progress. Although the enviroleft has commandeered the political self-descriptor “progressive,” an examination of its views in the abstract leads to the conclusion that its preoccupation is towards returning mankind towards an imagined homeostasis or equilibrium; and as they put it themselves, a state of balance, harmony, or sustainability.

From the left’s point of view, civilization itself is a threat. The economic foundations of industrial capitalist society, production and development, are seen as hostile, aggressive, and excessive. The competitive aspect of such an economy is readily transmuted to social darwinist theories and condemned as predatory and exploitative. Their conceptualization is holistic and thus inescapably totalitarian, despite any good intentions for “humanity,” a cause that abstracts away particular human beings.

In this mindset, all transactions are viewed in zero-sum terms; equilibrium is seen as the equal distribution of resources in perpetuity, regardless of individual input. Their abstract point of view is superimposed on reality; the free will of persons is ignored or not computed into the social engineer’s equations, and it is always inexplicable why people do not readily fit into the elegantly rational template of communism. They think as if individuals are inanimate objects devoid of agency, frustrating their plans for the perfect society when they act on their own, and thus provoking the social planners’ animus.

The left’s perception is also informed by some specific psychological predispositions. First, a feeling of insecurity in the face of an unpredictable society, to which they feel alienated. Second, a feeling of insignificance, which may be reinforced by atheism, and is salved only by feeling part of the general collective of humanity. Third, a hostility and disdain for those in mankind who they feel do not understand them; and a resulting sense of arrogance, hostility, and lack of scruples towards manipulating the masses. This feeds their intellectual dishonesty. To sum, they have an inferiority complex, and their solution is to drag the rest of mankind down to their level, while absolving themselves from their own theories.

By extension, they believe the majority of mankind are incapable of taking care of themselves, and needing the assistance of the state to rectify their material deprivation. They seek to establish a baseline of existence shared by humanity; and thus they do not see the problem of impoverished societies that the state does not allow or encourage people to lift themselves up, but rather that the profits of the productive, innovative, and ingenious of the West are somehow grotesque, and that our rich are luxuriating at others’ expense. They do not grasp that individuals have some control over their own destinies, for the conceptual and psychological reasons mentioned, and therefore they infantalize the perceived victims of their targeted interest. Their fantasized self-importance remedies the gaping void in their existence, leading them to fanaticism in defense of the perceived wronged, whom they are constantly inventing to fuel their energies, zeal, and charity- and state-subsidized industry.

Thus environmentalism is the theoretical archtype encompassing the left’s holistic worldview and the manifestation of its belittling evaluation of humanity. It is a crusade to save humanity from itself, and a projection of the left’s desired condition of an idle and self-sustaining homeostasis, which it terms “progress” (away from the mad world of productivity, aggression, and war, which they intermix as extensions of the same enterprise). If one traces the word stasis back to its Greek roots, it means both a neutral state of affairs, and revolution.

Stasis is death for mankind, since life itself requires productivity and growth; and the demoralizing effects of socialism in its various forms are social decay, existential despair, and mass homicide. Such is the inevitable fate of those who embrace environmentalism in its pristine dogmatic exposition, and attempt to engender progress by deconstructing human civilization.

As originally posted on Political Crush.

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  1. Mike Schirman
    Oct 22 2011

    Environmentalist leave out the fact that the consciousness of a nation rises and the masses would police them selves.

  2. Oct 23 2011

    I re-wrote the Declaration of Independence for this Article and feel you may find the similarities from then to now somewhat Shocking!:


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