The Democrats’ Strategy of Self-Parody

Why Embracing Occupiers is Political Suicide

As the economy continues to run on empty, and numerous Obama administration scandals are simmering on the backburner, the Democrats have sought recourse in an unorthodox strategy: Self-parody.

While Democrats like good performance art, and nearly everything about the 2012 media charade surrounding the Obama campaign was staged, the Occupy Wall Street protests might be one Lollafoolooza they can do without.

The Occupy protests have not only energized the loud-mouthed liberal twenty-percent, they have provided conservatives with a nearly endless supply of fodder for the upcoming elections. For not only do the occupiers support the Democrats, the Democrats support the occupiers.

President Obama even doubled down on his support for the burgeoning protests, likening them to the tea party uprisings he initially denied knowing about before subsequently ignoring them; that is, until finally demonizing the demonstrators as “teabaggers.”

Like it or not, the Occupy protesters and the Democrats are joined at the hip. And just like Siamese twins, they are going to be difficult to separate.

Politically convenient tea party comparisons are not going to be able to run interference for the left-wing nature of the protesters, who like to pretend they are on the same side as their opponents with the “can’t we all just get along?” schtick. Any Troskyist tactic to “fuse” the occupy group onto the tea party and then hijack the swelling conservative opposition would fail miserably. Using salami tactics to try to divide the GOP and tea party conservatives, along with Alinsky tactics of ridicule and shamelessly playing the race card, is not going to persuade citizens in the tea party that Democrats have any respect for them.

No, the tea party wants nothing to do with the left’s “Oktober offensive.” As Ann Coulter pointed out in her book on liberal mobs called Demonic, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the Father of the French Revolution, believed that imagery was the soul of revolution. If that is the case, the would-be revolutionaries at these Occupy protests have failed miserably. The protesters have offered up a treasure trove of unflattering videos and unsavory images, which allows the oft-denigrated tea party to draw useful distinctions between itself and the Occupy activists.

An interesting aspect of the occupiers’ demands is how illogical and full of hubris they are. While tea partiers support a very sensible agenda of restoring Constitutional government, fiscal responsibility, and political accountability, the occupiers – all meaningless rhetoric about “promoting dialogue” aside – support radical policies like a living wage for all people whether they work or not, and immediate debt forgiveness for everyone, everywhere.

In addition to the occupiers’ pie-in-the-sky utopianism there is stark self-contradiction:

  • Many of the occupiers pose as anarchists, while supporting big government-administered welfare programs.
  • They are protesting Wall Street, who backed President Obama’s election bid more than any other candidate in history.
  • They are against big banks and corporations taking unearned wealth, but de-emphasize the role of government in the bailouts and stimulus packages.
  • They claim to be for a world where everyone shares, but complain when their own private property is stolen.
  • They purport to be for more democracy, but say they represent “the 99%” of income earners below the top 1%, thereby publicly disenfranchising those who disagree with them.
  • They propose wanting a world where people are more free, even as they advocate for more “free” stuff and certain “human rights” like universal healthcare, which logically requires the government to force people to provide those things.
  • They are unwittingly promoting state slavery, where producers are compelled to provide for non-producers, or else become demoralized and become just another government dependent.

When Democrats support such incomprehensible and logically paralyzed radical protesters, ironically, they don’t necessarily wind up looking as foolish as the protesters. Instead, they wind up looking like cynical Machiavellian manipulators, who will instrumentally use anyone in any way, no matter how unethical, to achieve or preserve power. They appear like serial liars, willing to promise anything to anyone, no matter how utopian or impracticable, in order to garner their votes. [Continued on Freedom Beacon]


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