Liberal Alec Baldwin Defends Capitalism Against OWS Protesters – Kinda

Big lib and 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin took a stroll in Manhattan to see what the Occupy Wall Street hub bub was all about. One could hardly imagine that he would wind up defending capitalism against anarchists and socialists.

The well-known advocate for Democrat policies made the comment, “I think capitalism is worthwhile.” He then pointed out how Steve Jobs revolutionized home computing by seeking ways to make IBM computers smaller.

Alec Baldwin professed ignorance whether abolishing The Federal Reserve System would be good or bad, but surprisingly wound up defending capital markets.

“You cannot not have strong capital markets in this country or the country is going to go down the tubes,” Baldwin said. “I think most people want change in this country but they don’t want the country to go down the tubes. They don’t want the country to become England.”

This sort of defense of capitalism, as half-hearted as it is, coming from someone culturally important is very significant. It shows that the country is reaching a tipping point, and crossing over into outright anti-capitalism is a bridge too far for many wealthy left-wingers who have benefited greatly from the capitalist system. [Continued on Political Crush]


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