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October 20, 2011

Bryant Gumbel Defends Poor NBA Millionaires Against Plantation Overseer David Stern

by RogueOperator

Bryant Gumbel, an NBC sportscaster, has struck a blow for African-American equality, civil rights, social justice, and human decency  – by calling NBA commissioner David Stern a “plantation overseer“?

The NBA lockout has a lot of workers in the industry on edge, but is a Roots reference really necessary, Mr. Gumbel? After all, NBA athletes earn more than paid athletes in any other sport, at about $5 million per season. And in terms of management, the NBA has the highest percentage of black and women in the front offices, at about 36 percent and 44 percent, respectively. Forty-one percent of assistant coaches are black.

Not sure if that would qualify as a “plantation.”

What this is really about is the left wants to politicize sports. Like good little neomarxists know, no aspect of mainstream culture can go untouched by the leftwing agenda. One of the trojan horses the left is using is the player’s unions, which are wreaking havoc in all professional sports.  The NFL season was threatened by its own labor dispute, and lockouts have plagued the NHL in recent years.

These are millionaires we are talking about. If the left is willing to agitate black and other professional athletes who make seven and eight figure salaries each year, what does that tell us about what the left does to stir up people who make $20,000 a year? [Continued on Political Crush]

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