America’s Poor are Rich by World Standards

Americans have become so familiar with the left’s class warfare arguments that some have even started to believe them. But despite the wholehearted attempts by the radical contingency of the country to promote “class consciousness,” economic reality defies their narrative.

One of the most compelling cases that refutes the left’s hand-wringing argument that the haves are somehow suppressing the have-nots, comes from The Heritage Foundation. The study shows that the majority of citizens have a number of luxuries by world standards, from televisions to video game systems. A graphic from Heritage gives the breakdown of amenities for the overall average of all Americans:

As one can see, 98.7% have at least one television, 68% have a personal computer, and 31.3% have a video game system. Let us compare the averages for the supposed underclass below:

The numbers “plummet” to 97.7% owning televisions, 38.2% with personal computers, and 29.3% with video game systems. These are 2005 Department of Energy statistics, and one has to imagine that at least the numbers for personal computers have gone up by now, as prices for low-end models have gone down.

Bill Whittle of PJTV does an absolutely outstanding job breaking down the study even further, while examining how the left reflexively explains the numbers away:

The left will never be convinced that America is anything but a heartless, decadent, capitalist, imperialist country. These eye-opening statistics go far to refute the class war narrative that the rich get richer at the poor’s expense. Instead the rich get richer and the poor get richer, as Bill Whittle points out. That is why the left rarely talks about “standard of living,” because the country has many things in its favor on this measure.

But for “true believers,” no evidence is ever enough. If one is on the left, being down for the struggle is a matter of personal identity. One cannot believe his lying eyes when seeing such statistics, and if the data doesn’t fit the theory, the reaction is to scrap the data.

We are lucky to live in America, still, despite all the left is doing to make us like every other country, that is, poorer, more mediocre, and less free.


4 thoughts on “America’s Poor are Rich by World Standards

  1. Another amazing stat Rogue,is among children that are living below the poverty line, they consume on average 200 more calories of protein then the average person per day. They are also 10-12 pounds heavier on average then the average person of the same age.

    1. I take it you watched the Whittle video, where he points out the Heritage stat that less than 3% of America’s poor go hungry. I’m not sure why some want to try to reinvent the wheel with those kind of numbers. Looks like we could do with more capitalism, not less.

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