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October 17, 2011


Shocked Jock: Howard Stern’s Occupy Wall Street Interviews

by RogueOperator

Here you go. I have talked to young radicals and this is how a lot of them think. Scary.

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  1. Oct 17 2011

    They’ve only proven the point we’ve been making since this started. These people have no clue why they’re down there. It’s just the cause of the week. They’d rather sit around doing nothing, then actually find a job or make something of their lives. Pathetic…..and potentially dangerous.

    • Oct 17 2011

      There is a lot of truth to that, righthook. But mixing among the brainless are the leftist masterminds, trying to reprogram for them some kind of imagined revolution.

      • Oct 18 2011

        Yes, you’re completely right.

  2. kathleen3827
    Oct 18 2011

    Perhaps you might pay attention to those who do have something meaningful to say …. As the woman with the sign intends to get across ….. there are plenty of legitimate reasons to be fed up. It makes sense to want to find new ways to come together to discuss what kinds of changes need to happen within our country when those who continue to exploit our system go unchallenged, or even applauded.

    It is true in any large group you will find people who cannot string two words together, but to believe that is the only thing that is happening in OccupyNYC is to put your head in the sand. There is a reason this movement has rippled across cities in this country, as well as around the world. Many people — employed and unemployed, parents, teachers, union workers, old, young, and more — are understanding that our government is bought and paid for by corporations. Our government is not for the people, by the people. Our government is about lobbyists, coporate money & power, war & instilling fear, among other ugliness. Check out what you come up with when you look up “plutocracy”. It’s what we are dealing with, and the plutocrats in charge do not want to see people waking up. Too bad.

    In January 2010, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations can contribute to political candidates. Ending Corporate Personhood, corporate welfare, saying “no” to the lobbyists who are currently trying for another corporate “tax holiday”, holding certain banks/bankers accountable for their tactics/law-breaking …. there are so many reasons to say we are tired of the status quo, and want to see changes.

    Birthing is a messy business; human beings are complicated when alone, so having hundreds, or thousands come together and be clear, concise, and logical throughout every moment doesn’t do justice to the fact that something wonderful is happening. Who knows how all of this will play out?


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