Refining the Conservative View of Occupy America Protesters

When the Occupy protesters first appeared on the stage, it was an intuitive thing to dismiss them as angry anarchists and socialist ne’er-do-wells seeking to cause disruption. As more information became known, it became clear that many were spoiled college students who never held down a real job in their lives demanding free stuff on the backs of those who work for a living. A closer look yet reveals a confused, mind-muddled rabble who should demand our sympathies and our reproofs.

In some ways, the Occupy protests themselves are all Americans’ fault. A long time ago, we conservatives ceded control of the culture to a subversive minority, the one-fifth column, as I call them (due to the “liberal” constituency comprising about 20% of the electorate in political self-identification polls). But most people on the left are not leftists, per se; instead they are victims of the hard left’s desire to turn Americans’ minds to mush, so that they can mold them, like silly putty, into one collective, helpless, and non-threatening blob.

Such best describes the “thinking” of many of the Occupy Wall Street crowd. Many believe themselves to be anarchists, yet demand state-administered welfare benefits paid for by the productive class.  Others speak “truth to power” by saying they will vote again for Barack Obama, who is the highest corporate donations-receiving presidential candidate in American history.  One young man gushes he wants a world where people communicate and share, while talking freely on a YouTube video. An attractive, capable, apparently well-off young girl says “we’re suffering and they should take care of us.”

There is an obvious disconnect in much of the Occupy protesters’ thinking, or lack thereof. [Continued on Political Crush]


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