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October 16, 2011


Global Revolution Becomes All the Rage

by RogueOperator

It began with the Middle Eastern conflagrations, which spread like wildfire across the Muslim crescent: from Tunisia, to Egypt, to Yemen, to Syria, and to Libya.

Touted as a far flung “democratic” movement, supposedly spontaneous in nature and fueled by social media technology like Twitter and Facebook, there are still many questions lingering about the nature of the “Arab Spring” and over the fates of millions of people.

Some are living under martial law, as in Egypt, or are in a state of war, as in Libya. Others are suffering oppression and crackdown, like in Bashir Assad’s Syria.The Muslim Brotherhood has moved into fill the power vacuum in Egypt, an inauspicious sign given brutal Christian repression. There is even founded speculation that anti-regime forces in Libya have al Qaeda connections.

The “Arab Spring” has blossomed, and its colors thus far are blood red and Muslim green.

So when Occupy Wall Street protesters call for a recreation of the Arab Spring, or brand their movement the “American Autumn” (implying in some ways the impending death of the nation), then there is some reason to question the sanity of the protesters. By extension, one has to wonder if they are being manipulated, by whom, and for what reason.

The American president Barack Obama, others in the Democrat Party, and even the Fed chairman Ben Bernanke have stated on the record their sympathies with the anarchic and even socialist Occupy protesters, causing one to wonder if the Democrats are trying to misdirect and capitalize on growing public discontent with the economy.

Assuredly, despite denial by the Democrats and the media, there are connections between the Occupy protests and the current administration, notably, through the president’s election arm The backing of the movement, not only by such leftwing titans as Tides Foundation, Ford Foundation, and Soros‘ Open Society Institute, but also by the Communist Party of the USA and even the American Nazi Party, causes both great concern and muddles the coalition’s actual objectives.

The recent trumpeting by socialists of a day of “Global Revolution,” which has taken hold in several cities, including in riot-struck London, makes the current tumult from the Muslim crescent all across the West look exceedingly contrived. A pattern is shaping up, where crumbling social welfare states erupt into chaos and anarchy, and more advanced economies throw in lot with the ritual suicide by “bailing out” the systemically dysfunctional regimes. It is as if power elites want us all to go down together, and all at about the same time.

So how to interpret the power elites’ support of anarchy and chronic redistribution of wealth? How can the same people who gave trillions to banking establishments around the world be advocating the spasmodic rumblings of a global capitalist overthrow?

The logical conclusion is that the elites have looted the treasuries of the West, and seek societal and economic breakdown of global capitalism around the world, in order to rebuild the economies as they see fit. Given their track record, the elites desire greater control over world affairs. In other words, they seek to eliminate competition, socially, economically, and politically.

Such a drive for social domination is as old as man. That there are some who might be so diabolical to strive for such domination on a world scale is not a surprise. But that so many might fall right into the trap of confusing democracy for freedom shows that in some ways the elites’ plans could work.

And as usual, the information to disabuse the illusion could prove the citizens’ best defense.

(As this author originally posted on Liberty is Our Treasure.)

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  1. Oct 16 2011

    This is Excellent my friend and you are right we are all thinking the same thing. I have dedicated all three of my blogs to this subject all week long. The media is spinning it as a good thing and many Americans have been deceived by that.


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