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October 14, 2011


Guess Who Else Loves Occupy America? The CPUSA!

by RogueOperator

It’s always fun to check up on the Communist Party of the USA website (CPUSA), because the talking points are almost exactly like the Democrat Party’s.  Imagine my lack of surprise when I recently discovered the CPUSA”s “solidarity” with Occupy Wall Street.

That doesn’t make everyone participating in these rallies a communist, socialist, leftist, or radical. Some are just drawn there by the excitement of participating in something bigger and smellier than themselves. And the free deli sandwiches.

But if the CPUSA loves you, brother, you got problems. This is the organization that had known KGB spies working in it, as outed by the Venona Project.

This actually makes a lot of sense and speaks earlier to an argument I made earlier – that the message of the Occupy protests is intentionally vague at first, in accordance with critical theory, in order to draw in the rabble of society. Then hardcore activists, commies, essentially, make the rounds within the crowds and agitate them, trying to steer them in the direction of Marxist revolution, as this protester in Occupy LA did. Using such methods as the Delphi technique, the hardcore left activists work the crowds towards a preconceived “consensus” of socialist revolution, and radicalize and crystallize the protesters’ demands.

It’s Marxist-Leninism, baby. Kind of what a fellow classmate accused Barack Obama of believing in while he was in college.

Is is any surprise that when the American people elect a communist community organizer for president, then all around the country, we suddenly get community organizing? [Continued on Political Crush]


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