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October 13, 2011


GOP Elites Concerned About Tea Party Crashers

by RogueOperator

Two steps forward, and one step back. Such is the GOP establishment’s proscription for Americans to go hopscotching into full-blown authoritarianism.

But the tea party wants to pick up the rocks and smack the Republican Party elites over the head with them in order to vainly try to knock some sense into their power-hungry skulls.

When it comes to the Republican Party, the elites seem content to play musical chairs around the big government table, trading spots with the Democrats whenever “We Don’t Get Fooled Again” stops playing, while getting drunk on power and feasting on suckling pork. But the tea party is trying its utmost to put an end to the perennial political games-playing.  Regular tax-paying and hard-working citizens are desperately trying to hold the United States government accountable by holding the Republican Party accountable. The Republicans, in turn, are supposed to hold the Democrat Party in check. The GOP apparently wants none of it.

The tea party arrived on the scene with a flurry and a bang, turning up to crash the wild stimulus and bailouts party. It immediately came under attack by the government, the media, the Democrats, even the Republicans. It has been constantly demonized, villainized, and now the GOP wants it neutralized.

Along with its typical shilling for government cheese, the NY Times Magazine will be offering up some salami tactics for all us tea party crackers. In an upcoming piece, reportedly totaling 24 pages, the left will seek to drive a wedge between the tea party conservatives, the GOP establishment, and so-called moderates. [Continued on Political Crush]

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  1. Dawn Shevlin
    Oct 13 2011

    I really like your style. Last two paragraphs were the best. I have often thought that myself. OWS zombies walking down Wall Street, recent pics of BO in a soup kitchen and Mabell picking up some lysol at Target….hmmmm. The irony is eclectic. DS

  2. Oct 13 2011

    Thanks Dawn, glad you’re reading my stuff. If you have a blog, make sure to leave it for the blogroll. Best, RO

    • Dawn Shevlin
      Oct 14 2011

      Pardon, but not sure what you mean about leaving it for the blogroll? Still learning… DS

      • Oct 14 2011

        It’s just my list of blogs that I like and read. It’s a bit down on my page on the sidebar. Maybe you don’t have a blog?

        Best, RO

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