Does Obama Think He is the King of Education?

From Lori Drummer of Big Government (commentary below):

Remember when we used to have a legislative process?  Lately, the Obama Administration has me wondering if Congress even has a job to do anymore. Between Obamacare, card check, cap and trade, net neutrality, and massive financial regulations, among many others, it’s crystal clear that the Administration would prefer to ignore the limits of the Constitution than abide by it.

With No Child Left Behind (NCLB) “waivers,” the President has topped even his own high bar. The “waivers” plan is a misnomer because it does not give states more freedom. Rather, the plan forces states to comply with nearly 40 new government mandates. This is the nationalization of education policy, which will affect all 50 states and tens of millions of students.

In announcing the waiver scheme, the President explicitly said “given that Congress cannot act, I am acting.”  The President must have missed the memo that it’s not his job to make laws, which is, of course, exclusively Congress’ responsibility.  Yet Congress did not even hold one hearing on the waiver scheme, let alone actually pass legislation to authorize this move.  The Obama Administration continues to legislate through regulations in every aspect of policy, regardless of whether or not the federal government has authorized authority to do so by either the Constitution or Congress.

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Indeed, it is not just the big legislative actions of Obamacare, the nationalization of General Motors, or the ignorance of due process in the BP oil spill that are examples of President Obama violating his oath of office to uphold The Constitution.  It’s the thousands of regulatory violations, the abuse of the EPA, the Department of Education, the National Labor Relations Board, and the actions of his unaccountable, unconfirmed “czars” that has this president operating well outside the bounds of The Constitution.

Most perplexingly, Congress, and specifically, the Republicans seem very unconcerned about it, and have not taken any serious concerted action to put a stop to it.

In America, we don’t elect kings. Someone should tell that to the president and the Republican Party.


One thought on “Does Obama Think He is the King of Education?

  1. Rogue,

    This guy is Americas worst nightmare, he is one of the most radically left presidents if not the most radical of out nations history. He is so narcissistic he thinks he knows better then our founding fathers by acting as if he is King Obama and disregarding the laws of our Constitution. I’m glad you point out that we have a bunch of spineless jelly fish as our Republican reps in congress. We need JB to channel his in Newt and play offense not hide in seek.

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