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October 13, 2011


Busted: Soros’ Hands Behind the Occupy America Puppets Exposed

by RogueOperator

The left scoffed at the suggestion that the Occupy Wall Street and ensuing anti-capitalist shindigs across the America were anything but grassroots and authentic.

But early on, several watchdogs blew the whistle that there were several overt connections between Occupy America activities and leftwing titans:, Ford Foundation, Tides Foundation, and yes, George Soros.

Soros, who is worth $22 billion, has been giving money to Adbusters, the PR group for the Occupy gang (heads up right there), through the superfund Tides Foundation, which bundles donations and disperses them to radical anti-American, anti-capitalist causes. You know, like Day of Rage, and Occupy Wall Street.

Imagine the left’s shock and surprise when the news agency Reuters confirmed all the right-wing extremists’ conspiracy theorizing by tracing back Occupy Wall Street funding to George Soros’ Open Society Institute? Their reaction was outright dismissal and redirection to the left’s favorite bogeyman of the tea party movement: the Koch brothers.

Let there be no doubt, the tea party movement would exist without the Koch brothers. Thousands of people paid out of their own pocket to  attend tea party rallies across the country. Early on, many could not tell you who the Koch brothers were, and did not get directions from any particular tea party organization.

On the other hand, the Occupy Wall Street agitators are dining out every day on ‘manna from heaven’ – vegan casserole, Katz deli sandwiches, and pizza – and no one seems to know where it is coming from. Dozens of uniform laptops set up for coordination have appeared. It is organized. It is contrived. And it has connections with those who sympathize with the left-wing agenda in the media.

Now I am not one to blame it all on George Soros. He is just one man with a lot of money who has a great deal of influence. He is not some sort of devil who can control all the aspects of these uprisings.

He can’t, for example, shut up young activists who can’t explain how ‘capitalist exploitation’ justifies his demand that others work and pay for his college tuition. And he can’t control the tons of garbage that sullies the image of a group who should, in the spirit of mobs going back to the French Revolution, know that image is everything. [Continued on Political Crush]


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