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October 13, 2011


Best. Occupy. Video. Ever.

by RogueOperator

This is as brutal as it gets if you’re a young leftist thinking the world owes you something.


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  1. Oct 13 2011

    “The one question altruism can’t answer” should be expanded to “the one question any sacrifice can’t answer”: Why?

    Oh, this was good. It was funny at first, real funny; but as I put things into perspective, I realized that this individual is confused and paralyzed — I pity the state of fog he is in.

  2. Dawn Shevlin
    Oct 13 2011

    Oh yes, I saw this yesterday and have gotten several email’s with it today. He’s a bit early for Santa, but he is young. Have you seen ‘The Taker” one yet? DS

  3. Oct 13 2011

    Not yet. But I would boil the left’s argument down as such:

    1. Capitalists are exploiting the working class.
    2. We should be the ones exploiting the working class.
    3. Give me free shit.


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