GOP Establishment Steamrolling Electorate to Get Romney Selected

A theory is being circulated, by conservative heavyweights Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, that the GOP establishment is trying to steamroll the electorate by moving up primaries in Iowa, South Carolina, and Florida. The recent addition of New Hampshire moving up its primary to December 6th, and its reasons why, lends further credence to this belief.

The GOP establishment wants Mitt Romney – let there be no doubt. Romney made no bones about it in his last debate that he was fine with TARP, and sees no ethical problem with government at any level forcing individuals to purchase insurance (he weasily and unconvincingly said that he will issue “waivers” – an abuse of executive branch authority).

Romney is still on the manmade climate change bandwagon, although its wheels fell off a long time ago. Mitt Romney is the status quo candidate.

The reasons the primaries being moved up would help Romney are three-fold: first, it would bring closer the New Hampshire primary, which would create much needed momentum for Romney early on; second, it would diminish the importance of later primaries, as poor fundraising and boots on the ground would be magnified in importance and may lead to more drop outs (Mitt Romney has an edge in fundraising); third, it would set up a situation of Romney versus Cain earlier, and there are rumors floating around in Washington D.C. that Herman Cain may be a “stalking horse” for Romney, as Big Journalism editor Dana Loesch reports. Mitt Romney’s avoidance of attacking Cain in the debates adds slight credibility to this claim. [Continued on Political Crush]


3 thoughts on “GOP Establishment Steamrolling Electorate to Get Romney Selected

  1. I think we should either vote for Newt or Cain, both are excellent debaters and have the quick wit to stand toe to toe with the slippery Obama. I personally think we should let Newt go against Obama because he will destroy him on the issues of Jobs, foreign policy and domestic.

  2. I am thinking along the same lines too, conservamind. I once saw Newt as an insider, now he is getting me fired up with his fierce criticism of the establishment. Don’t know if he is faking it, but he sounds good!

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