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October 12, 2011


GOP Debate: Candidates Pull Cain Mutiny, Romney Holds the Line, Perry Goes Overboard

by RogueOperator

If the GOP were electing a captain to steer America’s ship of state out of rocky waters, then it is far from clear who will take the helm. But what we do know is there are a lot of first mates, and a few have just fallen overboard.

The rising Herman Cain immediately felt the changing tide of mutiny, as he was first to be asked a question, and then was bombarded all night by the other candidates on his 9-9-9 plan.

Cain defended his plan so often by name, one suspects he might be able to crack all his computer passwords by typing in “999.” But seriously, The Godfather seemed comfortable under assault by his colleagues; as an outsider, this plays to his credibility. (Despite Ron Paul’s accusation that having two potential candidates in mind to replace Bernanke makes him an “insider.”)

Mitt Romney, looking cool as a splash of Old Spice, played the debonaire know-better-than who didn’t really answer any questions substantively, except to go on the attack against President Obama. Romney wants to deflect attention from his record, play up his electability be looking past the other candidates towards Obama, and not make any big mistakes. He needs to look authoritatively dodgy. The kind of unprincipled politician that makes hardcore conservatives violently ill, nonetheless, he will continue to be near the top unless he gacks it at some point. An establishment fav.

Rick Perry, god bless him and Texas, has fallen overboard and will need a life raft to keep from sinking into single digits. Since he likes to hunt so much, maybe he can appreciate the analogy that he looks like a deer in the headlights when asked specific policy questions.  If ever he needed to get aggressive and go for it, this was it. But apparently, he is content reclining back and kicking up his big cowboy boots until some of the other candidates drop out. The bloom is off the yellow rose of Texas. [Continued on Political Crush]

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  1. Oct 13 2011

    Couldn’t follow the link to Political Crush; it said I don’t have permission to view drafts. Anyhoo, I like the way you’ve summed it up so far. Just one thing: Romney needs to appear dodgily authoritative, rather than authoritatively dodgy.

    Technically speaking.


    • Oct 13 2011

      Darn, you’re right! I just liked that way it sounded, didn’t detect the illogic of it. Good catch! 😉

      Fixing the link now.


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