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October 10, 2011


More Americans Want Obama to Take a Hike, Take His Failed Policies With Him

by RogueOperator

More than half the electorate want Obama to take a hike, according to an IBD/TIPP poll. Only 41% surveyed want to vote Obama in to the Oval Office again, while independents are against hie re-election by the stunning margin of 54%-36%. It appears President Obama’s days in office are numbered, provided Republicans actually nominate someone willing and capable of standing up to the leftwing tyrant.

I have been skeptical of the Republicans’ chances to beat Obama, partly because of the McCain campaign’s utter lack of seriousness taking on a verifiably leftist candidate. John McCain’s squeamish refusal to call Obama out for his positions in the Illinois senate and the U.S. Senate, where he was rated to the left of the professed socialist Bernie Sanders, makes one wonder if the establishment Republican right even wanted to win.

Obama’s first two years in office were a nightmarish flaunting of American constitutional government that demanded a backlash. But after the shellacking of the Democrats in the 2010 midterms, the Republican-controlled House became noticeably wishy washy trying to hold back an Obama administration hell-bent on spending us into Stygian oblivion. It was as if the GOP had forgotten their elementary civics lesson that the House has the power of the purse.

Three years later it is becoming apparent that not even the hapless Republicans are going to be able to screw this thing up. More than half of Americans no longer trust the media, and plenty of conservatives are sick of the Alinskyite games of the left. They know that the only thing the left can do is try to hold aloft various statements of Republicans as indicative of a given candidate’s unworthiness for the office. That’s all the left’s got.

The Democrats act as if people haven’t noticed Obama’s hate speech, demagoguery, desecration of the flag, encouragement of anarchy, proto-socialist policies, general incompetency, talking down of the country, partisanship, insults toward those he disagrees with, blatant disregard for the law, tone deafness, and economic insanity. The left’s own self-delusion is the best weapon conservatives have in the upcoming election races.

The worse things get for Obama, the better things get for conservatives. As Obama’s numbers plummet, including in a number of swing states, the less the GOP has to settle for a neatly-coiffed, “viable” candidate like Mitt Romney, and the more they can go for aggressive, conservative candidates like Herman Cain or Allen West, who will present a clear alternative to the fiscal ineptitude of the Democrats.

If Americans can get a candidate who would reign in foreign adventurism, such as in Libya and Yemen, and cease our quixotic nation-building projects abroad, that would be an added bonus. As much as one may be sympathetic to Ron Paul, it is hard to make the case that he is electable, although he is slightly ahead of Obama in national polling. It is difficult to imagine a broad swathe of America pulling the hammer for Ron Paul enough to beat the Democrat hordes. Herman Cain is the next best thing to Ron Paul, and despite assertions he has “no clue” about foreign policy, an interview by Accuracy in Media shows that Cain, while disagreeing with Obama’s policies, does not believe the United States should be “policeman to the world.”

There are still questions for some about Cain’s associations with The Federal Reserve in St. Louis, but I believe that lends him even more credibility, not less. Not everyone who works at The Fed can be part of an elaborate conspiracy to debauch the currency.  And it seems like Cain gets that America’s economic policies are fiscally unsustainable.

But should Cain fail to get the nomination, one imagines that even the crony capitalist Rick Perry (as opposed to the actual capitalist Cain) would work to repeal Obamacare. The same cannot be said of certitude of Mitt Romney, whose clumsy apologies for Romneycare irritate and infuriate the conservative base.

Although it is never a good idea in any kind of war, including a political one, to underestimate one’s adversary, it seems that Obama may be on his way out the White House door. The important task for those who want a return to sane, Constitutional government is to make sure Obama takes his policies with him.

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  1. Oct 11 2011

    I must have caught you in the middle of remodeling the place. I was going to comment about suggested improvements, but I’ll wait to see the finished product.

  2. Oct 11 2011

    Let me know anytime, mo. The reason for the remodeling is that the previous template was: too dark, didn’t show off the text enough, didn’t highlight pictures and video enough. I need something fresher and easier on the eyes. Thanks, RO

  3. Oct 12 2011

    I was on my PC earlier and now I’m on my IPad; it looks real good on the iPad. I’ll let you know tomorrow about the look on my PC.

    • Oct 12 2011

      Thanks, that’s really good feedback.

    • Oct 12 2011

      I’m not feeling the sky blue back ground. I couldn’t see it on my iPad because it cropped it out — everything else looks good. Perhaps a shading of grey background would look good like at this site:

      • Oct 12 2011

        Are you sure? I really like the sky blue and green, it is unique and fresh in my view. I really wanted to get away from the drab. Does it bother you to look at the site? Because I don’t want that. Thanks for the feedback, mo.

      • Oct 13 2011

        I see what you mean. The contrast draws my eyes, so the green is great to get me to look at the titles. I’m able to see the breakdown of the site much better. The blue background, however, has a similar effect, which may not be desirable. It tends to draw my eyes towards it and away from the content. I obviously can get past it in order to read the content, but I can’t help but notice it’s there; before the background blended out of sight and out of mind. It’s your site, and ultimately, it’s not that big of a deal. I’m still going to read all your articles and enjoy them regardless 🙂

  4. Oct 13 2011

    I toned down the sky blue a bit, so hopefully it’s not as distracting. Thanks, RO

  5. Oct 13 2011

    Oh, much better. Making it a bit darker was a good idea. I’m no art major, but I was looking as this site I found to help me explain what I mean: It’s quite a lot of information so search these key words to find on topic info (if you want): figure-ground and Chiaroscuro.

    It talks about depth a bit, and because the blue seemed brighter it also seemed closer. By making the blue a bit darker it appears to send the background farther back (taking it out of mind). We use the same concept when applying cammo-paint on our faces — black (or darker colors) on the nose, chin, and ears; green (or lighter colors) in eye sockets, forehead, and around the ears. The idea being to flatten our features as much as possible – when you see dark (or raccoon) eyes, you know they applied the concept of camouflage wrong.

    Edit: I see now you switched it back to a black background. I thought the blue looked good when you made it a bit darker.

  6. Oct 13 2011

    Oh yeah, much better. Don’t you agree? It took me a bit to notice the change, but when I did, I enjoyed it. Thanks for listening.


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