NFL Hands Off More Cash to Republicans, Passes on Democrats

The National Football League is a Republican-heavy league, whose front line execs give much more to the GOP than to Democrats.  Such is the conclusion of a CNBC report on political donations that cited the Center for Responsive Politics.

Of the top five contributors, the Houston Texans, San Diego Chargers, New York Jets (hoo-rah!), Arizona Cardinals, and Miami Dolphins (boo!), only the last gave more money to Democrats than Republicans, and that was by the narrow edge of 52%-48%.

Overall, the league gives 67%  to the GOP and only 29% to the Democrats. [Continued on Political Crush]


4 thoughts on “NFL Hands Off More Cash to Republicans, Passes on Democrats

  1. Hi RO – We met briefly @ another site yesterday so I stopped by to check you out. I will be forwarding you to many as the site is fantastic. What a great job getting all these video’s together for viewers. Bona fide, factual, well written and what I find most interesting & impressive are your credentials. Many thanks! I will enjoy following you. I’m just a girl with a Florida Real Estate license determined to destroy liberalism and continue to earn a capitalistic living in paradise! Dawn 🙂

    1. I think I recognize your name. I will enjoy being in touch with you and welcome your comments. If you write something you think is worth reading, feel free to drop a link anytime! Best, RO

      1. O.K. Ro. I communicate with a lot of people each and every day. Big social butterfly I am. It seems that no matter what subject is being discussed initially, either personally or business related, the topic of conversation always closes with the mess of our country’s economy & government. Even on line at the grocery store, be it the cashier or the guy behind me, one look into each others eyes and the words of disapproval towards BO’s socialist/marxist policies just start pouring out. On the phone with Sprint while making a payment, running into neighbors while walking my dog, the teller taking my deposit at the bank, or just reading links on the internet and talking with bloggers, the theme is unchanged. With all this evidence and conservative talk radio/TV as well, I know in my heart & soul there is absolutely no way in hell that this president is going to win re-election. How could he possibly? Well that’s where I hesitate. This president is so corrupt, his election to office in Nov. 2008 has got to be the biggest scam ever pulled off on the American people in our 235 years as a free nation, how could I feel good about our election process as a whole? I mean, the system let him in, no I.D. First thing that is asked to all people in all places when doing most things today: ‘can I see your I.D.?’ Since getting through security that day with no I.D. the list is as long as our debt on corruption and disregard for the law of the land if stacked up side by side. Still, no one is holding him accountable. The courts are almost as embarrassing as Washington. I was excited when Trump came on the scene and started the whole birther issue up again. It was great, finally some tough guy is in BO’s face….but sadly Trump let this shark off the hook once again. He only came up with a long form of a cert. of live birth. ( No I.D. ) When I recently renewed my drivers license I had to show my birth certificate or no renewal for me. I asked the clerk if DMV would accept my certificate of live birth instead. After a long pause she said NO. Only a birth certificate is accepted. I know many have just moved on past this birther/I.D. issue, but I can’t seem to get there. Maybe because I worked for Dept. of Homeland Security for a while and no one did anything without being screened. No One. Not the officers, not the supervisors, not the passengers, no one or nothing came in without being screened. So I guess the Federal Government instills the strictest security measures on all federal workers and the citizens, but the presidency, the highest most powerful job in the world does not need to be screened. He can walk right through. I hope I’m just being paranoid, but I often imagine how things might be today had the security system done it’s job that day in Nov. 2008.

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