Dmitry “Dancing Bear” Medvedev Chides United Russia for Getting ‘Dizzy with Success’

Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, keeping the Kremlin throne warm for Vladimir Putin in their electoral game of musical chairs, recently chided juggernaut United Russia for getting too “dizzy with success” during its domination of the parliament. The Stalinist throwback line recalled the early days of the Five Year Plans, when Uncle Joe explained away massive crop failures by claiming the Communist Party’s hubris was leading to laziness.

As Reuters reports: “It is important for a party not to feel superior,” Medvedev told United Russia activists in the southern city of Krasnodar. “As soon as one feels superior, you get what the classic called ‘dizzy with success.’”

On the bright side, at least Medvedev didn’t say he would sell Europe the rope to hang it buy, or that he would “bury us.” And to be a bit more literal, the translation of that Khrushchev line is better cited as “throw the dirt over your faces.” Pleasant bunch they got there in the land of eternal winter.

Dmitry Medvedev, whose last name means “bear” (one wonders if his patronymic is “tantsuyevich” or “dancing“), points out that he too was a Communist Party member and recalls well the empty sloganeering.

You don’t say? That would make former President Vladimir Putin, the ex-KGB chief, and pretty much everyone else in the government who’s not a St. Petersburg lawyer a former commie.  Gee, I wonder why democracy is stalling there. [Continued on Political Crush]

Nothing like watching a puppet dance. “Maybe someday I’ll be a real dictator!”


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