Tea Party Fascists: We Just Want to Be Left Alone!

The meme that tea party members are fascists has gotten some traction on the frothy mouthed left, despite the risible claim’s resistance to history, reason, and reality – the unholy Trinity of leftist lore. Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi likened the tea party folks to Nazis, many more equate them with fascists, infinite others to racists, and…that pretty much covers the worst things you can label someone or something in the English language. (For worse things, please suggest in my inbox below.)

But does it ever strike the hatemongering smear merchants what exactly are the tea party’s demands? No, that would probably get in the way of all the fun grossly stereotyping and overgeneralizing about people they disagree with. They used to call that bigotry back in the day.

Tea party people essentially want the government to get off their backs. They don’t want to be overtaxed, aka exploited by leftwingers through the aegis of government. They want government to stop mortgaging their future by running up massive debts. They want the federal government to stop taking more control over the economy. You know, fascism.

But the narcissistic Democrat Party must purport to do for all people what the great majority do for themselves. Democrats sit on their rears, issue decrees, and seek to take credit for dispensing the goods others made. This is “redistributive justice” in economic fantasyland, where producers are milked to support the lifestyles of non-producers.

The Democrats are lying bullies who abuse government to stroke their own egos. They seek totalitarian control over a market economy where ninety-five percent of the people who want to work can find jobs that sustain their own lives and then some. [Continued on Political Crush]


2 thoughts on “Tea Party Fascists: We Just Want to Be Left Alone!

  1. We are a “radical group” in the face of those who represent the youth, the indoctrinated, and the unthinking. Our Tea Party beliefs represent a conservative America that wants prosperity for the individual and for the private entity. We are against those who supposedly represent us – and we will hopefully win against the Obama administration and the Wall Street rioters beating against our capitalist system.

    I myself have recently reviewed the Wall Street rioters’ demands… it is truly terrifying to think that these are American citizens…… http://propagandamachine.wordpress.com/

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