Big Green Money Machine: Environmentalist Propaganda Dwarfs Paid Climate Skepticism

Big Green wants you to believe that the environmentalist movement is as pristine as the wind-driven snows of ANWR when it comes to its advocacy of manmade climate change theory. Meanwhile, all those unscientific “skeptics”on the right are simply propagandists and paid hacks for corporate oil & gas giants.

Prepare for a narrative buster.

The climate skeptic blog Watts Up With That has parodied a recent NY Times piece mapping the financing of paid opposition to Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) theory, also known as Manmade Climate Change (MMCC).

The Watts graphic, which must be seen to be believed, shows the incestuous relationship of government, environmentalist groups, universities, and research institutes in the green business racket, which has been spouting apocalyptic justifications for crypto-fascism for at least two decades while raking in around $79 billion. Greenpeace and other environmentalist groups complain about paid opposition to MMCC running in the hundreds of millions.

The NY Times article purports there is an “echo chamber” between media, politicians, and blogs driving popular disbelief or apathy towards MMCC. The fact that the NY Times is an influential publication whose headlines and narratives are picked up and expanded on by hundreds of media outlets, mostly left-leaning, apparently doesn’t strike the author as ironic. [Continued on Political Crush]


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