Who Would Be Trailin’ Palin? Christie’s Exit Leaves Void in GOP Field

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s repeated refusal to consider the possibility of running for president has left a giant void in the GOP field. Not for establishment Republicans like Bill Kristol, or for inexplicable reasons, “right-wing extremists” like Ann Coulter, but for those whom the cocktail circuit left affectionately refer to as “Joe Lunchbox.”

Though Christie has some glaring flaws for the right – his positions regarding Muslims and “manmade” climate change – he was a straight shooting hombre who knew how to make a union goons’ legs turn to jelly. His YouTube-friendly quips are so delicious they are salaciously referred to as “Chris Christie porn,” which for right-wingers provide much-needed verbal pushback to a brazen left-wing media.

But all that is gone now, leaving a gaping donut hole in the field that desperately needs filled.

Enter Sarah Palin? With her sassy backtalk and red stilettos, she’s just the kind of candidate who can shake up – let’s face it – a decidedly boring cast of characters. [Continued on Political Crush]


3 thoughts on “Who Would Be Trailin’ Palin? Christie’s Exit Leaves Void in GOP Field

  1. As to the current cast of characters, I do like Herman Cain. I think he’s doing well, and I’m anxious to see how he does at the next debate.

    As to Palin, I absolutely love her, but I’m torn on her entering the race. I think she’ll be very effective stumping for our nominee, but I’d also like to see her run. I just don’t know. I would definitely like to see how she would handle a presidential race. McCain’s “handlers” really held her back during the 2008 race, so I’m curious to see what she would do when she could really let loose and run her own campaign.

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