The Audacity of Bald-Faced Lying: Obama Scapegoats GOP for “Jobs Bill” Hold-up

It doesn’t really matter that much if the president is ignorant or a liar; either way, he should be out of office.  But his recent bout of mistruths about his mystical “jobs bill,” cut from the same cloth as all his other failed ideas, are so outstandingly, brazenly bald-faced that anyone with a brain has to conclude that President Obama is an unrepentant liar.

That may be cool with Democrats that the POTUS can so sleazily utter prevarications about those “enemies” on the right, but they have to own that he is a liar, or prove otherwise.

To begin with, President Obama gave a prime-time speech imploring the Republicans to pass his euphemistically titled “jobs bill.” The Soroserer’s Apprentice harangued the GOP as if his pen signature were a magic wand that could conjure up jobs like so many brooms sweeping across the country. Only there was no jobs bill at the time – he would eventually have to pull one from his drooping sleeves. [Continued on Political Crush]


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