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October 5, 2011


OccupyWallStreet’s Completely Grassroots, Union-Backed, PR-Managed Movement

by RogueOperator

Imagine my surprise waking up this morning and accidentally switching on NBC’s Today show to find a glowing segment on the blossoming OccupyWallStreet movement.  After a bit of charming uptalk set to images of apparently drugged out Dyonisian yippies senselessly prancing around in the streets, it was unblinkingly mentioned that several unions have decided to back the “grassroots” movement.

And although the group’s list of demands is “unclear” to NBC (let me help you on that one – here, here, and here), it is generally acknowledged that the hacktivists are against big corporations and Wall Street bankers.  The tea party are too, but those rubes actually understand how causation works: businesses wrongfully took government-expropriated funds from citizens; ergo, government is the prime mover in the bailouts and stimulus debauchery. This faddish lot is certainly not the tea party; if you will, it is the coffee party with a shot of espresso.

You will not hear any of these completely grassroots, anti-establishment, talk “truth to power” types utter a peep about how Obama, whom some want to see re-elected, rode a wave of corporate contributions to power, and in turn, rewarded banks and corporations with part of TARP, bailouts and stimulus, while getting America into debt to an extent unseen before in human history. And this supposedly spontaneous group of former SDS-professor educated young skulls of mush has acquired its own PR group to help defray closer scrutiny of its goals. Well, you’re not the only ones who know about critical theory, young intellectual proletariat.

So criminal communist and dethroned Obama “green jobs czar” Van Jones (Who’s that? asks Joe Biden) wants to create a rival to the tea party, which he praised because it has no secret headquarters or titular head. All of a sudden, a pathetic group of trust fund babies posing as a Moron Spring is found sitting on a street corner in lower Manhattan griping because big government did what big government does – control the means of production.  Obama took money from the laborers and gave it to whom he saw fit. You guys elected him – that’s “democracy,” right – so what’s the problem?

In any event, it is a bit suspicious when Van Jones starts praising the tea party and talking up the OWS crowd and then begins rambling about an “Oktober offensive.” Rings a bell for us tea party folks who don’t know anything about socialism.

Turns out those who smell the stench of totalitarianism all over this movement are right. Connections from the Day of Rage protest to the backing of the current manifestations OccupyWallStreet and OccupyAllStreet show some left-wing heavyweights are involved: SEIU, Ford Foundation, the communist National Lawyers Guild, and through the Ruckus Society, George Soros‘ Open Society Institute, and the Tides Foundation. These are some seriously depraved entities, and we need to identify them and recognize their nearly-invisible hands are at work early and often. If this blob of leftist activists starts metastasizing and incorporating thuggish elements, we might have something a bit more malignant to be concerned about.

[Continued on Political Crush]

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