From American Dream to American Fantasy: Debt and Denial Will Lead to Real Nightmare

The American people have been in fantasy land for about a century, as they wrongfully believed they have been living and working in a free economy. Fortunately, many have woken up, but find themselves in a heavily regulated, unendingly manipulated, and shamelessly taxed snare of bureaucratic barbwire. The regulatory morass is there to frustrate anyone who has a dream and actually wants to accomplish it without falling prey to our monstrous government.

The primary illusion maker, the Freddie Kruger of our economic nightmares, so to speak, is the Federal Reserve System. By setting interest rates artificially low, the bank guarantees that there is more money in supply than can be prudently invested. Trillions in magically created money gets dumped into website start-ups, or housing, or some other seemingly never-ending fount of easy profit, and investors continuously get splashed with cold water when the stock market fires go out. And then, like children, businesses ask for Mommy government to bail them out. They need to grow up. [Continued on Political Crush]


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