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October 2, 2011

The Dark Knight’s Frank Miller Takes on Islamic Jihad, Draws the Left’s Furor

by RogueOperator

Frank Miller has done it again. The Dark Knight of the graphic novel industry has probed the deepest recesses of the American psyche, and splattered ink to page in a way heretofore uncontemplated by leftist apologizers for radical Islam. May Frank Miller present to you, Holy Terror:

Unfiltered and undiluted by politically correct kowtowing to repressive, murderous Islam, the offering has already created an uproar on the simpering left, which would have us all quislings before a would-be Muslim caliphate.

One lefty article screeched in horror as Frank Miller’s pen strokes cut as deep as a thousand-folded samurai blade plunged into the heart of a jihadist adversary. Wireds Underwire, befitting a blog that sounds more like a type of bra, took the liner notes from every cultural diversity college course textbook it could find and spilled them onto a computer screen, surely believing it to be indicative of the most “progressive” thinking on the subject endorsed by the “genius” American left.

Well, allow me to retort. [Continued on Political Crush]

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