Putting an End to the Democrats’ Wild Party

The Democrat Party, a consortium of various grievance groups and do-gooder social activists, is a political machine that thrives on crisis. It is no surprise, therefore, that in the middle of an interminable recession, the Democrats are seeking to dole out even more damage to an imperiled economy with new tax hikes. It seems that there’s never an end to the wild tax-and-spend party.

The measure would deal a crushing body blow to an economy that is already on the ropes. The common misperception was that the Democrats would show mercy and relent. But the left’s modus operandi is to create acute crisis and resultant government dependency through welfare. This is the same party, after all, that doled out a bonus to a state to sign up people to already swollen food stamp roles (as if people don’t know about the program and they don’t know if they are hungry or not).

The reason the Democrats foster government dependency is simple: it forces people to make a choice between empowering the party that is their meal ticket, or the party that claims to want to take their benefits away. Whether or not over-burdening job creators is economically sustainable does not bother most welfare recipients; it is human nature to rationalize that a comfortable situation will continue on in perpetuity. [Continued on Political Crush]


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