Leftwing Doublethink

We are living in revolutionary times. Mass unrest is leading Americans to question everything, and shockingly for leftist radicals who have been infiltrating and corroding the system from within since the 1960s, all of their duplicitous work and agitation may yet turn out to be for naught. Can you imagine the discipline, the hardwork , the dedication, not to mention the suppressed rage, that it would take to embed a Gramscian leftwing movement into the schools, the universities, the courts, the news and entertainment industry over the course of decades, and when the moment of truth comes, the big economic crisis everyone has been waiting for – for well over half the country reject socialism to your face? Cognitive dissonance would strike with a vengeance.

So can you imagine the chagrin of radical activists everywhere when Herman Cain, a very black man, becomes the anointed leader of the despised tea party after two years of “tea party = racist” memes broadcast 24/7 on cable outlets and posted on radical websites? The left’s problematique would lead to increasing desperation and ever more tragic-comic displays of Orwellian doublethink to explain just how that might come to be. [Continued on Political Crush]


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