Diversity and Islam

A common misunderstanding turns on American conservatives’ reading of Islam. Cultural diversity-espousing progressives preach tolerance and allege that the right is simplistic in its views about the threat Islam poses to the country.  The progressives’ implication is that their less sophisticated fellows fail to grasp the nuance that there are different kinds of Islam and different kinds of Muslims in different parts of the world. But actually, the nuanced view yields a far darker picture than the left lets on when brought into focus.

In Shiite-dominated Iran, women are routinely stoned to death, along with Christians and presumably, gays (although its conspiracy-wielding president once denied there were any gays in Iran). The Iranians recently released two activist hikers, who subsequently condemned the US in addition to Iran, showing just how deeply ingrained the cultural relativist mindset can be. The next potential atrocity slated in Iran is the execution of an apostate Christian convert. [Continued on Political Crush]


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