“Convergence” and the Anti-Capitalist West

Image (via Reuters): Former KGB chief Vladimir Putin riding a custom Harley Davidson motorcycle.

The CEO of Coca-Cola Muhtar Kent recently stated that China has a more business-friendly environment than Obama’s America.  Chalk up another right-wing extremist for the AttackWatch enemy’s list.

Kent’s point was this, as related by the Financial Times:

U.S. states don’t fight one another for investment opportunities, while Chinese provinces clamor to compete for foreign investments. “In the West, we’re forgetting what really worked 20 years ago. In China and other markets around the world, you see the kind of attention to detail about how business works and how business creates employment,” he said.

Why is an officially communist regime now ostensibly more capitalist than the market powerhouse of the world?

The KGB called this “convergence.” This is when the commie regimes lay low and pretend to be capitalist, introduce some trivial reforms to grow the economy while maintaining centralized control (read former KGB chief Putin back in the saddle again), while the West undermines itself with the same socialist bullsh*t that collapsed the Soviet economy and ruined China during the Great Leap Forward.

We meet in the middle, as George Soros describes in his book on globalization, through  the central bank institutions – IMF, World Bank, WTO, ILO – under the auspices of a global crisis, and a universal reserve currency is created. Whereupon the leftist elites use the same techniques to destroy “world capitalism,” which has been a check on absolute power since its rise in The Enlightenment, as they use to ravage economies throughout Europe, and now the United States.

Time for Americans to start waking up.


3 thoughts on ““Convergence” and the Anti-Capitalist West

  1. Some seem to think POTUS is just not as bright as he was thought to be. I, however, think he is bright enough, just slowly walking out of costume! It won’t be long before he admits to being not only Socialist, but Marxist, and says, “yea? So what?”

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