No Laughing Matter: Police Crackdown on Left-Wing Protesters on Wall Street

The right should not be celebrating the NY police pepper-spraying and incarcerating around 100 protesters who spontaneously showed up to oppose Wall Street banksterism and support a more “just” economic system.

Sure, they’re new wave hippies. And sure, they’re a variety of commie, with their chants for “social justice” and their legal representation by the veritably communist National Lawyers Guild.

And as a free market guy, I’m sympathetic to half the group’s gripes. The banks are going hog wild, and now the IMF wants a bailout – and it’s not even a country.

But where the “Day of Rage” – Part Deux types jump the shark is with the idea that by abolishing money and private property we will all live like one happy family in a muddy field singing kumbaya and rocking out to Creed. Not going to happen, guys.  If you think elites’ domination of the economic system is bad here under capitalism, try it where there is no private property at all, like in North Korea or Cuba.

So a marriage of convenience between free market fanatics and communists in opposition to the federal reserve-bailouts system would likely end in bloody divorce.

We live in a  country based on individual rights, despite the opinions of nannying leftocrats like NY’s mayor Michael Bloomberg, who wants to build a mini-police state lab in New York the likes of London. Attention NYPD: We shouldn’t need a “permit” to assemble in public to protest corruption and cronyism, or to advocate for our principles. (Tea Party people, take note.)

The United States Constitution is our permit to protest. As long as people aren’t interfering with others’ rights, including private property and their own freedom to assembly, meaning carrying out their business, then people who want to protest should be free to do as they please.  That is the meaning of “living in a free country.”

Freedom of speech can be challenging. Half the time I want to ring these leftists’ necks. But instead, I will use my own freedom of speech to try to talk them down from pushing America off the ledge.


2 thoughts on “No Laughing Matter: Police Crackdown on Left-Wing Protesters on Wall Street

    1. I’m more of a civil libertarian, so I don’t think it’s the police’s business to tell Americans what they can say or where they can say it. Unless those people are interfering with other people’s rights, including the right to be left alone.

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