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September 25, 2011


Scandalous: Rampant Corruption Finally Catching Up to Untouchable Obama

by RogueOperator

Obama’s poll numbers have hit the skids. Disapproval is up, employment is down, and the president is going nowhere fast.

What’s changed? Hope-and-change sizzle has turned to fizzle. This president was supposed to be above the fray, a refreshing breath of fresh air after the dark days of 5% unemployment, Haliburton no-bid contracts, and “girls gone wild” like misadventures at Abu Ghraib.

In the context of the nefarious Bush administration, Obama floated above it all.  The ignorant masses projected their hopes onto the present-voting messiah, who was a tabula rasa whose race was an ablation for past national sins. The candidate was so pristine he couldn’t even sully his hands with voting half the time. And when he did vote, he was unimpeachably socialist – a true humanitarian (if supporting an ideology that at the very least impoverishes peoples counts as humane).

Now a trifecta of scandals threatens to tarnish President Obama and the Democrats in much the same way as the “culture of corruption” narrative smeared Republicans before the 2006 elections – as if the entire GOP was as corrupt as Tom DeLay. And coming from a Democrat party that at the time was receiving Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac campaign contributions on behalf of prominent party members, particularly Obama, the allegations were a very bad joke. But half the country didn’t get it.

The fools who saw Barack Obama descending from the heavens should have been keen to his Chicago politics roots, his street thug shakedown artist credentials, and his admitted associations with Alinskyite ends-justify-the-means-radicals. His affiliation with the sawed-off bully Rahm Emanuel, who is still highly suspected of partaking in a pay-to-play arrangement for Obama’s old Senate seat, should have been another clue. But for the clueless, there are no clues; not even puzzles.

Another hint that Obama was actually very corrupt was his connection to bagman Tony Rezko, who the state senate candidate admitted raised $250,000 for him.  Adding to the obscurity of Obama’s shady receipt of an estate from Rezko, was an oil-for-food connection, rarely reported in the American media.

Turnabout is fair play, and the Democrats are about to play tilt-a-whirl fending off a flurry of scandals, as citizen journalists and the blogosphere get hip to what the Democrats have been doing with the misappropriated trillions of our taxpayer dollars.

Fast and Furious is the bloodiest of the three scandals, and the one that should most likely see administration heads roll.  The facts surrounding the case are disturbing, and involve the ATF allowing gun show weapons to be channeled to Mexican drug cartels, which subsequently and unsurprisingly committed violent crimes with them.  The manner in which the crimes were committed is enough to provide ample grist for the mill for black helicopter conspiracy theorists everywhere:

Quite a few of the guns have since turned up — at crime scenes. Authorities in Mexico say they have linked 200 crimes to Fast and Furious guns, and three guns have turned up at murder scenes here in the US — including the killing of US Border Patrol Officer Brian Terry. And it must be noted that these are all cases where the guns were recovered at the crime scene — a very rare occurrence. Most criminals don’t just leave their guns behind; they either keep them or dispose of them in some way that would make it difficult to link it to either the criminal or the crime. So for the guns to be simply left behind at a crime scene is extremely rare — and, to me, indicative that quite a few more guns were involved in crimes, but not left behind.

The scandal that has the clearest administration fingerprints on it is Light Squared. In this Capitol Hill drama, powerful witnesses, including General William Shelton, claim that the White House influenced them to award a contract to big Democrat Party donor Light Squared, who was a broadband service provider in Virginia petitioning for a license to go nationwide.  Apparently, LS got face time with administration big shots in exchange for five figure campaign donations days before the alleged meetings.

Last but not least of the big three is Solyndra, which looks to be a half-billion dollar green energy boondoggle on the taxpayer dime. Loan guarantees for the Democrat donor and solar panel producer came directly out of the $859 billion non-stimulus package. The plant shut down suspiciously quickly, bringing a quick close to a government-funded fly-by-night operation.

But wait, there’s more. As the Washington Examiner reports in the process of unwrapping the Solyndra story:

Ultimately, Solyndra may prove to be the only Energy Department loan guarantee that explodes into a scandal rivaling Teapot Dome or Credit Mobilier for venality and abuse of the public trust. However, there are at least 16 more such loan guarantees worth in excess of $10 billion, all approved by the same cast of characters at the White House and the U.S. Department of Energy responsible for the current mess. And many other federal departments and agencies have provided billions of dollars’ worth of loan guarantees, so nobody should be surprised if Solyndra is only the first of many similar outrages under the Obama economic stimulus regime.

And if the Obama campaign re-election team didn’t think the wind was in their face enough, there comes a potential fourth blow to their image. President Obama is slated to fundraise with a big Democrat campaign donor that benefited from a $107 million tax credit to build a windpower facility in the state of Missouri.

If the president thinks he will be able to get away with this kind of corruption and still have a decent chance at re-election, he truly is tilting at windmills. The American people have had enough of the quixotic boy-king, who has been literally untouchable in the mainstream media.  But that’s okay. If left-wing journalists won’t keep the heat on the administration for these scandals, citizen journalists and the blogosphere will.

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  1. Sep 25 2011

    Thanks RO,
    Just tweeted.
    Bob A.

  2. Sep 26 2011

    Yes and that is just the tip of the iceburg but the medio of course won’t report on it.


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