Warning: Marauding Bands of Leftists Are Pillaging America’s Wealth!

When a former Obama “financial reform” adviser states that the government is protecting us from “marauding bands,” one wonders what century she is living in. Here is what Elizabeth Warren, fellow Obama class warrior, had to say about those who work for a living:

“You built a factory out there? Good for you. But I want to be clear. You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for. You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate. You were safe in your factory because of police-forces and fire-forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory — and hire someone to protect against this — because of the work the rest of us did.

You got that? So as I pointed out on The Blaze before the Rush Limbaugh Show, Elizabeth Warren and her fellow Marxian doublespeaking friends are those “marauding bands” seizing over half of taxpayer monies, when you factor in all levels of what was once known as “government.” I’m not sure what you call it now, but this sure as hell isn’t being “governed.” Looted, more like it.

Furthermore, the evil rich may not be building those roads, furnishing those schools, riding in those patrol cars, or manning those fire hoses, but they’re mostly paying for it. According to tax roles, the top ten percent of income earners pay more than half of all the taxes. And don’t take this right-winger’s word for it, the AP “fact checked” it for you.

So who, exactly, is ruling whom? Are the rich running the show and simultaneously taxing themselves into oblivion? Or is the government itself, and more aptly, a motley crew of unions and other Democrat clients, cracking the whip on this langskip of state? You bet your red-striped back it’s the latter.

And the chief hand on the whip is currently none other than Barack Obama’s, America’s first Seizer crossing the Socialist Rubicon. As he recently gave his last UN-speech to his fellow “citizens of the world” – Islamists, socialists, and assorted despots, Obama’s kinda crowd – he conjured up numerous categorical imperatives for us to perpetually fight, which presumable justify state intervention (force, in plainspeak) into every aspect of human life. Here is what he said:

To combat the poverty that punishes our children, we must act on the belief that freedom from want is a basic human right. The United States has made it a focus of our engagement abroad to help people to feed themselves. And today, as drought and conflict have brought famine to the Horn of Africa, our conscience calls on us to act. Together, we must continue to provide assistance, and support organizations that can reach those in need. And together, we must insist on unrestricted humanitarian access so that we can save the lives of thousands of men and women and children. Our common humanity is at stake. Let us show that the life of a child in Somalia is as precious as any other. That is what our commitment to our fellow human beings demand.

The problem is in the “we” and the “how.” For Obama, it’s as easy as an autopen stroke to relegate half of an American subject’s working year fruitless for that person, and to redistribute his would-be prosperity to some non-productive person living in a far off land that’s been impoverished since the beginning of time, long before America was even a twinkle in an English king’s eyes.

Vikings, Vandals, Alans, and Goths looted, robbed, raped, sacked, pillaged, and looted their way to ascension. But they were all pikers compared to America’s kleptocrats.

Government and its lefty hangers-on are robbing us blind, except for us eagle-eyed tea party types, those wanton savages who attend raucous rallies and go home in their four-door sedans without a whiff of violence, while leaving the site as spotless as it was before, perhaps even more so.

Today’s armchair buccaneers in the nation’s capitol, safe in the cozy armpit of the Eastern seaboard, are incrementally capturing the entire economy without leaving the comfort of their desks. The difference between thieving a million dollars and a billion dollars through an appropriations bill is the time it takes to punch three zeroes in on a word processor.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, faceless citizens lose savings, purchasing value, or just plain life and labor, sucked into the swirling paper vortex of Washington D.C. Roving bands of marauders couldn’t hope to be as efficient or as successful as the entrenched political elites relentlessly sacking the productive class, all as they chew watercress and beansprout sandwiches.

The seized riches are then disbursed to their Visigothic union allies, doled out from a multi-trillion dollar war chest used to reinforce their suzerainty over the system. Alaric would wet his bearksin undies contemplating such a scheme.

Under our so-called democracy, votes are as good as swords. The invisible threat of force is a whip on the back of taxpayers driving them ever on to labor for the benefit of unseen others.

American citizens have been sold into slavery by Democrats, who think it is noble and just to compel such a state of affairs where everyone is owned by everyone else. And who is the slavemaster who confiscates and manages the spoils? Government.

So why is it a surprise when public employees make twice as much as their private sector counterparts, when you factor in the bennies? When politicians magically become millionaires after moving to the D.C. area?

It’s as if, presumably justified by the labor theory of value – viz., whatever an employer does, if he turns a profit, it’s exploitation – the government wants to step in and say “I’m the one who’ll do all the exploiting around here.” This Marxist non sequitur of non sequiturs shows the whole thing to be a fraud, a monumental not-even-in-Bernie-Madoff’s-wet-dream scam.

There is a huge disconnect in intellectuals’ minds between what pipe dreams they can think up and what is done in practice.  This is mostly because they don’t know what real work is. They think their rambling about Sartre and a ten hour shift at a Ford assembly plant is equivalent, as is everyone’s time and labor. We’re all “workers” and everything about us is essentially the same, even the value of our time, our effort, our minds, and muscle.

But if you walked into a socialist bull session at a Berkeley faculty lounge with a handful of shovels and said: “We’re doing Marxism right now. We’re confiscating your house, your sports car, your electronics, everything, and sending it to Botswana. You’re now going to go join the lumpenproles.  You will spend eight hours a day, five days a week putting up houses. In exchange, you’ll get a roof over your head – shared with twenty others, of course – and enough calories to get you through the day. Who’s coming with me?” – How many do you think would actually sign up?

It’s that disconnect causing ruling elites to kill this country much more effectively than any roving barbarians could. Every time you see the unemployment rate deviate from 5%, that’s potential productivity being looted by our non-producers.  The left can have their labor theory of value, and we can have our kleptocrat theory of non-value. The nation’s high-tech looters should be relegated to a thing of the past, just like the Visigoths, Vandals, Vikings and other marauding bands, along with their obsolete nineteenth century ideology of Marxism.

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