American Academia: The Worst Thinkers in World History?

We have perhaps today the most arrogant, ignorant, half-baked, pompous, parroting mental midgets of an intelligentsia in the history of the country, if not the world. The supposed political class’ cliche-wielding, bromide-chanting, dogma-uttering repetition leads it to take utterly predictable positions on every subject imaginable. The unimpeachable aura of the left’s army of dismissive homogeneous know-it-alls is punctured by the risible premise that they are all fucking geniuses, all coming to the same failed conclusions, and the founders of this nation and the great men of antiquity were simply rubes who could perceive nothing of the real state of humanity.

These so-called intellectuals, as they fancy themselves, come to the conclusion of the obsolescence of the thinkers of the past by a superficial examination of the de facto contexts in which they lived. They see slavery, warfare, and the oppression of minorities, and anyone who lived in such an era (except for their ordained prophets, of course) as automatically contaminated by the residue of an antedated world. Modern liberals are unable to isolate the causes and effects of various philosophical positions taken by great thinkers; of what tends toward the good and what toward the evil, and they avoid such morally challenging questions by denying that morality exists at all, or else can be invented in the face of expediency.  Not even sophists had these kind of balls. They were rhetoricians, not solipsists.

Modern liberals’ arrogance is partially due to their intellectual pedigree, which is a reflection of a degrading materialist relic of nineteenth century “philosophy,” and closer to our time, of a totalitarian German historicism combined with the explicitly conspiratorial neomarxist counter-revolutionary program of Gramscianism. The fact that ninety-percent of Americans have no idea what I’m talking about is an illustration of most educators’ lack of understanding of or refusal to even acknowledge the sources of their own twisted aspirations.

The modern left dismisses the Enlightenment as an impossible and destructive project, yet they refuse to see that the great bulk of progress since that time to now has come from science, including cures for diseases, and the creature comforts of civilization that effete liberals all adopt though despise.  This is not to mention the capitalistic west’s shorter working hours, higher standard of living, and greater security despite the grave inefficiencies caused by universalistic social insurance, minimum wages, and labor unions, which tend to cause more social and economic harm and disruption than good. The modern liberal mind is emotionally unable to fathom this simple and easily verifiable argument, despite their glittering mantles of “the smartest people on the planet.”

They are no more able to assess the good, with their euphemistically labeled “criticality,” than they are able to think their way out of a wet paper sack.  So most stick to the secular equivalent of the theological problem “how many angels dance on the head of a pin?”

“Progressives” have willfully and ignorantly rejected the entire premise of the American system of government with a blase dismissal of federalism and individual rights, and the ingenious Constitutional safeguards designed to prevent tyranny of every kind. Their arrogant aggregation of centralized power in the capital and their intention to homogenize the culture, through the universities, the media, and the entertainment industry, with perverse, paranoiac, and inhumane denigrations of American culture justified by the specious narrative that it is all a part of bourgeois capitalist hegemony lead ineluctably to soul-crushing totalitarianism.  They’ve learned nothing from a century of fascist and communist horrors, and instead turn their animus towards a country that fought and did much to end these two human menaces.  Hating prosperity for being prosperity, virtue for being virtue, and right for being right, they side with impoverishment, immorality, and evil just to make things equal and cut the world bully down to size for defeating the murderous, oppressive bastards.

Even Descartes could not dream up a malevolent demon wicked enough to disseminate such lies under the false impression it was performing good.  If it turned out these university “men” were the puppets of a foreign adversary intent on destroying the animating spirit of the Republic, one would have to feign surprise.

By crowning themselves as “philosopher-kings,” modern liberals have sought to demolish the opportunity for citizens to pursue philosophy themselves, as modestly as they are able to sometimes, and have thus turned our halls of education and corridors of information into vehicles of self-righteous, self-assured activism tantamount to functioning as the propaganda arm of a political party. All of this has nothing to do with the pursuit of truth that is the hallmark of civic education in the Western spirit.  Their vain proselytizing is more akin to the tenth century closing of the doors of interpretation (ijtihad) in Islam than the enlightenment of a noble, self-sufficient citizenry.


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